Saturday, July 9, 2011

THiNGS LeaRNeD @ a FaMiLY ReuNioN

1. My family has way more kids than I ever realized. 
2. If you're a MouLToN, chances are your favorite color is GReeN.
3. The part where my family can sit in a car for hours, not say anything, and not have it be awkward; that comes from the Moulton side. 
4. Being a kid at heart runs in my blood. I'll probably never grow out of it
5. It is possible that your cousin's kids will have a crush on You, YouR SiSTeR and your other CouSiN at the same time. 
6. When I actually have kids, I shouldn't be surprised if they're all boys. 
7. Rob will forever be leaving at 4.

Preston, Me, Aria, Tyne Isaac and Chris

You know when the last time all us MouLToN's got together was? 
Let me tell you.

It was

Count 'em peeps, that was 14 years ago!

I was 8 years old


This is TyNe and aRia. They came down from CoLoRaDo with my uNCLe RoB on Tuesday night and stayed with us for a couple of days pre-reunion.

Thursday night I jumped in their car with them and we all went up to BLaKe and ReaNNa's (my aunt and uncles) where we met up with most  the rest of the family. Some of us stayed there, other's went to a hotel, and everyone else drove up the next morning. 

By NooN all 51 of us (which actually isn't anywhere near all of us. I have close to 40 cousins alone on that side.) were caravanning up to the Valley View Stake Camp; complete with its own pool.  

1. THe LaWN CHaiR KaeSi and I lived in. 
2. THe SHoT my DaD tried to make at least 15 times. 
3. TaNNeR and the ever so popular SHaRK RoB got at the SCeRa PooL the day before.
4. Picture 45 of the 51 people there in that pool. 
5. P-I-G
6. TyNe bustin' out her oNe PieCe
7. CuZZieS

Before the pool ever happened though, Aria, Kaesi, Tyne, Tanner and I went on a search for the perfect place to pitch the girls tent. There were plenty of places we could have pitched the tent; like Eve, Naomi or about 10 others. But then we saw MaRV (or Mary, depending on your angle)

Why wouldn't you want to sleep on a spot called Marv? Yeah that's what we thought too. 

But then Uncle Rob saw how far from the Lodge it was. He thought we should sleep somewhere a little closer. So we opted for Naomi; which actually worked out perfectly. It had room for the TeN MaN girls tent, and a tent for Uncle Rob, DaD and TaNNeR.

A little later we broke out for some games. While we fished for doughnuts, ran relays, played crab soccer and made statues, all the younger kids went through a carnival that my AuNT SHaRoN put together.

It was at that carnival that my AuNT JuDy started her two-day face painting project. I'm thinking that wasn't her intent but she is an incredible artist! So for the next two days she was behind the brush; and she did a mighty good job at it!

Then came something that I probably shouldn't even put up... haha. You see apparently my dear family had planned a talent show. DeCeNDeNTS GoT TaLeNT; if you will.

My family's act was a little, uh, MeSSy. Yeah, that's a good word. No rehearsal. No nothing. Just a table full of props. 

My sister said it right when she said we made HuGe FooLS of ourselves! But hey, these fools won the famous BoB aWaRD!! Except I still don't know what exactly that is... it never made it to camp haha :)

After that all ten of us girls got our bags set up it the tent and made way for the fire pit. Dad and Uncle Rob had started a fire. There may not have been SMoReS, but my cousin's kids were full of scary stories!

Before we knew it all the girl's were sound asleep in their tent while the boys enjoyed their PiLLoW TaLK. Us girls did have our fair share of crazy over the weekend though :)

All in all, the whole thing was so great!! I have the best family ever and I am so glad that we were finally able to get so many of them together!

the KiDS


the GReaTS

Description of how we felt about the reunion:



  1. Next reunion can I be an honorary Moulton?

  2. love love love! please another? like right this second. i dig the last pic. it describes the reunion perfectly. glad i could be a part of that. love our fam!

  3. a) you all rock my world!
    b) Kristin of course you can be an honorary Moulton!!!