Monday, May 30, 2011

MoNDaYs MeMoRieS #2

Hey GuyS!! Thanks to everyone who responded to my last WeDNeSDaY WiSHeS post, cause now I have enough numbers to last my MoNDaYS MeMoRieS posts a few weeks! 

and especially to my sister who did a post herself! She's so great! Check it out!

I'm just a little excited :D

Now, onto this weeks picture! 
even though I may be shot for posting it ... 


THiS iS...
PiCTuRe 120.1
April 24, 2009

and these are two of my very BeST FRieNDS


I don't know what it was about that year, but the group of friends I had then went to more HyPNoTiST SHoWS that year than most people go to in their entire life. 

Not only did a some of us (NaTe, BRyCe, SeaN and maybe some others) go see the HyPNoTiST in P.G. that night, but at midnight it was officially Tia's BiRTHDaY!

There were CuPCaKeS, FRoSTiNG and lots of LauGHiNG.

Especially when BReNNoN decided it was a to give her a present she never saw coming!

a GiaNT FaCe FuLL oF FRoSTiNG!!

No one saw it coming, but I can't say we weren't surprised either :)

BReNNoN lucked out though, because apparently all it takes  is a kiss on the cheek to make up for hair and clothes full of frosting. Either that or Tia is just a really great sport!

I'm gonna go with a combination of the two :)

So there you have it! 
What are some of your memories?

Saturday, May 28, 2011

DeLTa. DaY 2

Today I did something else I haven't done in ages!
til 10:15
That never happens.

You see, I have to be to work by 6 am every day i work.
Which is 4-5 days a week.
Which also means I have to wake up by 5:15.

But even on the 2-3 days a week that I don't work, my body still wakes up at 8:30.
Whether I like it or not. 
Usually I don't mind though, cause then I don't feel like I've wasted my day.

Well since we slept in instead, we missed the golfing tournament all the other adults went to. 
I was okay with that :) 
You wanna see my kind of golfing?
Just look here

We went to aLeXa's aunts house and hung out with the little kids instead. 
ps. the whole reason we came down was for a family reunion. Hence the tons of kids.

We SoaKeD uP SuN
PaDDLeD the PaDDLe BoaT around the ReSeRVoiR in CiRCLeS
Took a TRiP to the PaRK where some RaNDoM CouPLe was having their WeDDiNG

then FiNiSHeD uP with a DiNNeR
and a TRiP to the PooL

Oh, and it was CooPeR's (Alexa's Brother) BiRTHDaY

TWaS a FuN DaY. DeMo DeRBy or NoT :) 

Friday, May 27, 2011


Let me introduce you to my friend aLeXa.
With her cute little grandma :)

For the last FiVe MoNTHS aLeXa and I have been working at the same place.
It's a party every single day! 
The funny thing is, we knew each other long before that.
We were in the same CHeMiSTRy class FaLL of 'o9
But our teacher put all his lectures online.
So neither one of us ever went to class. 
Pretty much we swapped numbers and forgot about each other. 
TRue SToRy. 

Well now we're sitting in the basement of her grandma's house.
We braved the CRaZy TRaFFiC, 
good ol' UTaH CoNSTRuCTioN
the NePHi BiKeR CLaN
and them PeSKy MoSQuiToeS
all to end up here...

FuNNy SToRy: on the way down, we were following this super duper slow RV pulling a trailer. 
Alexa HATES passing cars when the passing lane is oncoming traffic.
Lets be honest, I do to.
But not as much as Alexa. 
Well then a J.B song came on. 
I skipped it, but Alexa wanted to listen. 
So i told her if she passed the Tortoise Trailer I would put it back on. 
After a few minor freak outs Tortoise Trailer was behind us and J.B. was back on.
Haha. The End.  

FiRST TRiP To DeLTa. eVeR!
We have arrived! 

ps. Tomorrow. DeMoLiTioN DeRBy!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Today while I was BLoG HoPPiNG I came across this really cute blog with a really SiMPLe, but FuN idea!

It's called..
To find out how it works just check out the link above.

WiSH #1. THaT i HaD a CaMeLBaCK FuLL oF HiKiNG eQuiPMeNT To TaKe oN a ReaL LoNG TRaiL. Candace and I were talking about this today. We are gonna load our camelbacks with all sorts of hiking goods and hit the trails :) 

WiSH #2. SuNSHiNe & WaRM WeaTHeR. To take our soon-to-be packs through the mountains!

WiSH #3. oNe oF you To PiCK a NuMBeR BeTwEEn 1 aND 310. I absolutely love looking back at the past and remembering all the things that have made me the person I am today. So every Monday I'll post and ask for the next weeks numbers; then you guys do the same :) I'm gonna call them MoNDaY's MeMoRieS. I want to start a link party eventually, so lets do it! 

Monday, May 23, 2011

MoNDaYs MeMoRieS #1

HeLLo WoRLD!! 
So SoRRy THaT iT'S BeeN FoReVeR!!!

don't you worry though cause we are back up and running :)

But remember a while back when I asked for the numbers?
Then Andrea and Candace were stellar enough to help me out?

Well that's what wound us up here :)

HaHa oK so bear with me for a minute. I came up with this idea, and I  think it'll be a lot of fun! 

You ready for this?

Here's the deal. 
1. I am going to ask for one number between 1 and at least 310, each week it'll probably be bigger.  This is the number of albums in my iPhoto library right now. So the number you pick is the album I will choose.
2. Then I am going to ask for another number. This number is the picture that I will post from this album. 
3. Then I will tell you all about the picture! The story behind it, memories, the works. And if you have more questions, ask away! I'll just keep adding to it :) 

Great way to jot down memories, right? Be excited!

ToDaYs PiC iS 3.1

Since I wasn't exactly around for this HaPPy LiTTLe eVeNT, I decided to go to the people that were :)

...My PaReNTS...

I couldn't have asked for a better set of them :) 
Really though. My parents have been the biggest support to me throughout my life. 
I know it's cliche, and there are a lot of people that say the exact same thing about their own, but it's true! 

I have the parents who would play night games with all us kids and our friends.
Who would take us to Harmons to buy candy so we could run a candy stand in the front yard; only to eat 75% of the candy ourselves. 
Who came to every softball game I played in, and still do :)
My mom was my Girl Scout Leader, and then followed me all the way through Young Womens. 
My dad has done the same with my bro-ha's. 

I know they would do anything and everything they ever could for me. 
Nothing I could ever do would ever be enough to pay them back for all they've done for me. 

I LoVe YoU MoM & DaD!!

With that said, onto the story to go with the picture :) 

1. HoW DiD YoU TWo MeeT?
DaD: I walked out the door of apartment #95 at at University Villa in Provo and saw Bob Vukich (the future brother-in-law) looking at a car for this very attractive young lady. All of the sudden I knew a lot about cars and knew that i could be of some assistance. 
MoM: To say he walked out the door might be an exaggeration, since you typically hobble when you have a busted up leg. That day at the car was our first meeting, but I saw him laying around at the Villa pool for several weeks. It was hard to get too close though, since he was a poor weakling surrounded by girls every time I saw him. Luckily for me he couldn't get away too fast...and so...eventually I won out!!    
2. WHaT DiD YoU TWo Do oN YoUR FiRST DaTe?
DaD: We went to Trafalga Fun Center and went water sliding with Bob and Laurie.
MoM: Trafalga all the way!!  I let him walk behind me!!  I'm sure it wasn't on the first date, but the first time Neil tried to kiss me, I thought he was looking out the car window so I turned my head to see what he was looking at. Oops! Apparantly, he checked with our friend later to see if I really liked him or not. I guess he took the whole "not kissing incident" personally!!
2. WHaT WaS YouR FaVoRiTe DaTe? 
DaD: Trafalga, mom went up the stairs first.
MoM:  We actually spent every day together doing random and pretty uneventful things. Just being together was the best!!
4. WHeN DiD YoU KNoW YoU WaNTeD To GeT MaRRieD?
DaD: Trafalga or shortly there after.
MoM:  I just knew I loved being with Neil and never wanted that to end!  
5. HoW DiD THe PRoPoSaL Go?
DaD: I'm not much of a romantic so it went something like this, but not exactly like "how would you feel about spending the rest of forever with me................turn on the movie please"
MoM: That pretty much sums it up. We dated every day for a month and a half, and on one of those random "dates" (however it was a little more eventful because of the proposal(?)) he said "So what would you say if I asked you something crazy, and asked you to marry me?" I said, "I don't didn't ask me!" So...he asked me if I would, I agreed, we kissed alot and put on a movie. I had just been waiting for him to make the move!
DaD: NOT, and I don't wear my collars up.
MoM: Great! I pretty much did nothing and my mom took care of the details!

See WHaT i MeaN?
They are so great :) 

I hope you enjoyed this post
and I think you all should try this too! 
If you do, post a link down in the comments, I'd love to check them out :D