Wednesday, November 9, 2011

SiSTeRS :)

ToDaY i aM GRaTeFuL FoR 
My oNe aND oNLy SiSTeR. 

Why, you may ask. Well let me tell you :)

1. Because we were the first two kids in our family, so I'm pretty sure that's grounds for automatic best friends.

2. Because when she learned to tie her shoes before I did, she taught me how. 
3. Because being crazy is something we'll probably never outgrow. 

4. Because we can play DDR for hours. 
5. Because she's even more obsessed with taking pictures than I am.
6. Because she loves the outdoors almost as much as I do. 

7. Because when I need to vent she'll let me.
8. Because she can talk me into doing things I would probably never have done before (aka. eating termites in Belize).
9. Because she also gets a kick out of pranking me.
10. Because even when I act like she's not right, she usually is.
11. Because we both got a heavy dose of the traveling gene!

12. Because she'll always be there,

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

THe FaCeBooK BiRTHDaY i NeVeR HaD.

Thanks to my LoVeLy CouSiN,
today was my

+ all the text messages. 

Ya know, it's actually a really good prank. 
Let me tell you why.
When you change someones birthday to the very next day, 
facebook won't let you change it back. 
At least not for a day.
(Apparently you can only change your birthday every so often)

I'm thinking that since I didn't have a facebook on my last birthday though, 
that I'll just count all the 
from today for that birthday instead :) 

So thank you all for the HaPPy BiRTHDaYS! 

CaNDaCe will now be giving you all free BRiCK oVeN for any embarrassment this may have caused you :)

She will also be throwing me the best party ever on my real birthday,
aPRiL 20. 
You are all invited!
Candace will also be supplying everything! 
So come hungry!!  

For all that I am 

oh, and I'm also grateful for 
SWeeT SWeeT ReVeNGe!
anyone who would like to assist me in doing such is more than welcome!

Monday, November 7, 2011


That's what I'm grateful for today.


There is just something about the demeanor of those cute people (the ones with just a few more years on their plate) that you can't help but to love. 

Today during our break at work
Erin and I 
went down to the
BYU Creamery
to get some milk.
(it's a million times cheaper there!)

In front of us at the checkout was the 
He was buying some milk and ice cream.

As the worker was ringing up his stuff he asked
"Now this is the ice cream that helps you to loose weight right?"

Of course she answered
"It most certainly is!"

Knowing she was joking, he went on to ask,
"Now, would you say that works better with cookies?"

"A  guaranteed 25 pounds!"
she replied.

We all had a good laugh and he went on his way.

After we had bought Erin's milk, we ran into him outside. 
He was struggling to maneuver his cart, 
so we asked if we could help.

That quickly turned into more joking, 
and smiles from ear to ear. 

  You know those times where you meet someone and you just want to keep them in your pocket forever?

That is exactly what I wanted to do right there. 

It happens all the time at work. 

Maybe that's part of the reason I love doing what I do. 
I get to be around people like that all the time! 

So hear's to the little old man at the creamery. 
May you always keep those around you smiling :)

Sunday, November 6, 2011

MaKe eVeRy DaY THe BeST DaY eVeR

Maybe it's because we've actually hit
Maybe it's because it's really what I needed to hear. 


Up until today I had never ever thought about how a lack of gratitude and fear go hand in hand.  I had always placed them in two completely separate sheets of paper. But in a way, they really do fit. 

I think for most it begins with 
A fear causes us to put up walls. 
A fear that we hide behind because it feels safer. 
But that in turn causes us to feel 
It's easy to feel like you have somehow become broken.
That you can't be fixed because you are stuck behind these walls. 
We can see the opportunities in front of us, but we still choose to let them pass by.
Truth be told, it's easier that way. 
Yet we still 
WiSH We HaD MoRe.
But when that wish isn't fulfilled, usually because we aren't willing to do anything about it,
we suddenly find ourselves with feelings of

The great thing is that once we come to realize that, it becomes so much easier to fix. 

So this is my goal. 

To eaCH DaY WRiTe DoWN oNe THiNG i aM GRaTeFuL For.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

33. HiKe aNGeLS LaNDiNG

So remember this LIST?
(I won't be offended if you don't. I know it's been a while)

Well this weekend, 
my WHoLe (immediate) FaMiLY
went down to visit G.MA and G.PA 
at their timeshare in 
ST. GeoRGe.
(will someone please remind me why I ever moved away from there?)

Do I remember much of the drive down? 
I slept through most of it. 
We did stop at PaNDa in CeDaR CiTy though. 

Potstickers are highly recommended.
(especially when you get Teriyaki sauce to dip 'em in)
TaYLoR didn't wear shoes. 

This is the LoVeLy LaRGe place we stayed at. 
Canyon Villas at Coral Ridge

Taylor made sure to unpack
 the PAIR of SHORTS the wasn't wearing,
and his
the second we got there. 
(He had to stake his claim on a bed)

So boys got the bedroom, girls got the couch. 
(which I somehow ended up sleeping on by myself both nights. Oh well!)
Figure that one out haha. 

We'd be crazy if we hadn't gone to the pool that night. 
Or the next night. 
So naturally we went both nights :)

Taylor thought it would be best,
since it was only our family at the pool,
to swim in his underwear.. 

My dad and I decided that probably wasn't the first time its happened.

The next morning was when our 



We started by parking in SPRiNGDaLe. We thought that by doing that we could save some money and just take the shuttle in. No car, no fee right? WRONG! If you take the shuttle in you still have to pay the same price to get in. Our first clue should have been the fact that only two other people were on the shuttle. So do yourself a favor when you go. Just drive your car right on into the visitors center. Save on some travel time :)

Once we got to the visitors center, we jumped on another shuttle that takes you to different points in the park. At first I was sitting by Kaesi. But then I decided that I would go sit by Tanner, leaving Kaesi with a wide open seat next to her. So of course when this chick sat down by her we snapped a picture haha. 

Also on this shuttle, there were 
3 GuYS.
They were headed to the same place we were. 
Did I just start talking to them on the shuttle?
No WaY JoSe.
Until they couldn't figure out where on the map we were. 
Then I kindly said
"We started up at the other end."
and pointed to the front end of the map. 
One of them answered with an
"Oh, ok!"
and then continued to try and figure out the same thing again.
Thats when I realized they weren't trying to figure out where we were,
but where to get off. 
And then I felt like a fool.

After what seemed like a good long awkward time, 
we reached our stop.
The hike was on! 
Seriously though. 
Kaesi, and Taylor decided that the best way to the top was at warp speeds.
We reached the top in an hour.
(on average it takes about 2)


TaNNer and DaD were able to make it most of the way,
but not quite to the TiP ToP.
Maybe next time :) 

We hung out up there for a good long while.
Ate some TeDDy GRaHMS
FeD some CHiPMuNKS with our NeW FRieNDS. 
(Remember those three guys from the bus? HaHa) 
and even ran into my friend CaMeRoN from my DiXie STaTe DaYS.
(Last time I tried hiking this thing I ran into a girl I knew from Orem too. So weird!)
Then it was back down the chains. 

Kaesi and Taylor ran the whole way, 
Lucky for me,
before they took off,
we ran into Cameron and his friends again. 
So i hiked down with them and caught up on old times. 

For those of you who haven't done that hike,
I'm not going to say it's easy,
cause it's not. 
Would I recommend it?

PHoTo By: TayLoR MouLToN

The rest of the trip was full of..

CHoCoLaTe Pie
TeXaS RoaDHouSe for DaD's BiRTHDaY

Thanks G.Ma and G.Pa for letting us come share your 
aWeSoMe WeeKeND!

Monday, September 26, 2011

NeW, NeW, NeW. YeS PLeaSe!

So along with my 
which is ADORABLE if I dare say so myself,
(don't worry, there are pics to come)
 come a couple other new things.

NeW RooMaTeS.
SuZY and MaCY. 
They are so so great!
But seriously, 
I couldn't have asked for better roomates. 

Right now we are sitting in our living room watching 
and eating oTTeR PoPS

It's ok to be jealous :)

also come a
I wasn't able to attend the actual ward yesterday
because I was over at my home ward.
My Dad is the new 1st Councilor in the Bishopric and I'm so excited for him :)

But last night MaCy, BRee and I went over to 
where we met a few new people.

Literally minutes after we got home 
the Executive Secretary came over 
and helped me get my records transferred!
Talk about efficiency, I hadn't even been to the ward yet!

Then tonight SuZY, DoM and I went over to FHE.
I accidentally left my phone at CaMDRea's.
I was over there earlier for his BiRTHDaY PaRTY.
So when SuZy and DoM weren't home yet, 
I went over all on my own! 
(if you don't know me, that's kind of a big deal. I don't ever go to places like that on my own)

The two people that were there before I was were so nice! 
After everyone else got there, we packed up the cars a headed up to 

Then we found out you aren't supposed to have fires up there. 
So we came back and had one on the back patio instead :)
It was such a blast! 
Turns out my FHE dad worked EFY with me two years ago!
and so did another girl MeLiSSa, 
who I actually recognized from my DiXie DaYS

I'm so excited for this new ward! 
My FHE family rocks! 
and everyone is so nice! 

HooRaY for NeW BeGiNNiNGS!


Wednesday, September 21, 2011


I absolutely love the talks given in General Conference, CES Firesides, etc. But what I love doing even more is 

1) PRiNTiNG THeM ouT 
2) MaRKiNG THeM aLL uP
(in a non-destructive, mark all the goodies kind of way)

Well today I read this one.
It's by KRiSTeN M. OaKS
(wife of Dallin H.)

Both of them just spoke on the 11th in a CES FiReSiDe.
That's where this one comes from :) 

Now I know the title of her talk is 
and it definitely is a good one for that group of people.
But really there are some gems for the not so single people too.

Here are some GeMS I found.
Along with some goals I set. 
I'm hoping that by putting them up here I'll have more motivation to follow through with them. 

TRuTH #1: THe LoRD LoVeS US, He ANSWeRS oUR PRaYeRS, aND He DeLiGHTS iN BLeSSiNG THoSe WHo KeeP HiS CoMMaNDMeNTS. Maybe I'm the only one that feels like this is such an easy thing to forget. Maybe not. But I think that as life goes on it's easy to get comfortable. To feel like you really aren't struggling; and it's very possible that you aren't at that time. But then we slip into this place where we stop doing the things we need to. Not necessarily that we are doing anything wrong; we just aren't doing the things we've been taught we should. Then when it comes time that you do need help, you've forgotten what to do. Maybe it's just me. I'm thinking it's probably not though. 

GoaL #1: THINK ABOUT THE DECISIONS I'M MAKING. Don't just fly by the seat of my pants. I know every decision may not be black and white. But I also know that making rushed decisions can be a very bad thing. I want to step back and think about what I'm doing and what the consequences might be. 

TRuTH #2: We aRe NoT SaVeD iN iSoLaTioN. This one I know was said exactly for me. I'm a girl who is completely content hanging out at home just keeping myself occupied. As a matter of fact I usually prefer it. But that is not how we are supposed to live. We were sent to this earth to be a blessing to the people we come in contact with. Which is where the next goal comes in to place. 

TRuTH #3: oUR ReSPoNSiBiLiTy iS To BeCoMe THe BeST DiSCiPLeS oF CHRiST We CaN BeCoMe. She said something I absolutely loved when she was expounding on this truth. While talking about an experience she had had, she said "Those words were a call to action for me to make my life wonderful regardless of any situation or difficulty I faced." 

GoaL #3: TO DO JUST THAT. MAKE MY LIFE WONDERFUL REGARDLESS OF ANY SITUATION OR DIFFICULTY I FACE. I know that's not easy, but I also know that living a life feeling sorry for yourself is much worse. It's so much easier to play the victim. I want to look for the best in every situation I'm in. 

TRuTH #4: LeaRN To ReCoGNiZe THe WHiSPeRiNGS oF THe HoLY GHoST iN YouR LiFe.
TRuTH #5: aLL SiNGLeS SHouLD ReMaiN aCTiVe MeMBeRS oF THe CHURCH. It's sad to know that most members of the church are lost during this early adulthood stage. I think that this truth has a lot to do with it though. The easiest way to feel misplaced is to not attend things your ward does; wether it be going to church, FHE or even the activities. It also makes it very easy to slip. 


Really though, take 15 minutes and read the talk. 
I promise you'll get way more out of it that what I just summarized. 
And to anyone who made it all the way to the bottom; 
I would love ideas on how you would accomplish these goals. 
I've got some good ideas but the more the merrier! 
Besides, someone else reading may be just as curious :)

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

THiS iS Me #3 & 4

ToDaY = Me+SiCK

I started feeling it yesterday afternoon; but it wasn't to bad. 
So what did I do this morning?
I woke up and did what I was planning on doing.

1) I jumped in the shower
2) I finished the last of my EMT Workbook Chapter
3) I moved a few things into my new apartment :) 
(Carrying boxes up two flights of stairs doesn't quite equal REST)
I'm pretty sure thats what did me in. 

I did make it to SaMMyS with CaM, CaNDaCe, RaCHeL and Cam's pest control buddy, CaSeY. 

I left there with every intention of going to class, but by the time it rolled around I knew that was definitely NOT going to happen. 

SO, I spent HOURS watching this instead! 

THiS iS Me #3: BoNeS

Although I did LoVe my aNaToMY class, that's not the bones I am talking about.

CoNFeSSioN: I'm seriously, I'm aDDiCTeD!

Seasons 1-4: OWN :)
Season 5-6: WiLL OWN
Season 7: STOKED FOR!!!

THiS iS Me #4: oRGaNiZeD
I'm a tad bit of a perfectionist when it comes to having things organized. 

My DVD's are in alphabetical order. 
My books are in order, tallest to shortest.
My closet, color coordinated. 

It's all true.

So what did I buy today?

I'll never forget anything! Hopefully...haha

and to finish the day off, 

I've got a date with Tylenol Cold PM 



Thursday, September 15, 2011


CONFESSION: the last time I actually went to school FuLL TiMe was in SPRiNG 2009. 

2 1/2 YEARS AGO!

I didn't even realize that until 5 minutes ago when I was looking at my transcript!

No wonder I've been in college as long as I have.

13 CReDiTS
32 HouRS @ WoRK

But I definitely don't mind :)

Because you see...

MoViNG To PRoVo Too!

so be excited for future posts!

cause like I said



Sunday, September 11, 2011

SePTeMBeR 11th. 2001

I had only been in junior high for a couple of weeks now. But my love of change had made a transition like that easy, and even exciting for me. I must have stopped by my locker before making my way to the second floor. That's where my first class was. The room I was headed to faced south, and as I approached the door, I could tell that the blinds were up letting the morning sunlight in. It had been a little brisk that morning, but that could be expected for a September morning. Before walking through the door, for all I knew it was just going to be another school day

Entering my 7th grade English class I could tell something wasn't right. The TV on the front, right side of the room was on. Ms. Sluder and all of the other students in the room were watching intently. Usually everyone was talking, finishing homework, or laughing at the mornings mishaps before class started. But this time there were only whispers or concern. Something was seriously wrong.

As we watched, a country learned that both of the World Trade Centers had been hit by planes; hijaked. In the minutes before class was to start, the Pentagon was hit too. What was going on? It seemed as if the whole country was frantically trying to figure out that same question.

I don't remember much about school that day, only that people were worried. Was it a coincidence that it was September 11th? 9-1-1. We were definitely in a state of emergency. Many other speculations were talked about. Nobody really knew what to do. 

When I got home I remember walking down into my basement with one of my best friends, JaSoN, a little girl I always babysat, JaDyN, and my little brother TaNNeR. As we flipped through the channels it was clear that there weren't going to be any cartoons that day. Every station was broadcasting the news. 

We didn't want to spend the day worrying, although it was always in the back of or minds. And besides the two younger ones didn't even know what was going on. To them it really was just another day. 

So Jason and I did our best to keep it that way. What we spent the rest of the day doing, I don't really remember. I know we took a lot of pictures. We spent a lot of time outside. But the specifics of that day, I really don't know. 

But what's crazy to me is that all of that happened ten whole years ago. It really feels like just yesterday. 

It breaks my heart to think about all the lives that were lost that day. The hundreds of thousands of people who never thought they were saying their last goodbyes. The children who would grow up now knowing their mother or father. 

To all the people who risked their lives to save those in need of help, we are forever indebted

On a day full of so much heartbreak, A COUNTRY CAME TOGEHTER 

It truly was a day we will 

Monday, September 5, 2011

LaBoRiN' LaBoR DaY

LaBoR DaY: a United States federal holiday observed on the first Monday in September that celebrates the economic and social contribution of workers. At least according to wikipedia.

So naturally, in honor of Labor Day, I found it most appropriate go into work and do some manual labor myself!  Truth be told, everyone else just asked for it off, leaving JyNeLLe, RaCHieL and I on the floor. But did we care? Nope! Why not you may wonder. Because a) LABOR DAY = PAY AND A HALF; b) the three of us have way to much fun; and c) FReD bought us DoMiNoS. Yep, working holidays for sure has it's perks! And working mornings, it doesn't really matter cause I still have the rest of the day to play! 

As soon as work was over, I ran home, met up with KaeSi and TaNNeR, and we drove on down to CaM & aNDRea's.

TaNNeR has hit the "TaYLoR STaGE"
aka he hates it when you take pictures of him.

Notice how closely random gold car parked to Kaesi.
Keeping in mind that yes, Kaesi had another car in front of her,
and that you could have fit another car and 4 scooters behind Goldy.

 LaBoR DaY also = PICNICS!

We didn't have a whole lot of time (Super 8 started an hour later) so we figured Subway was a good, quick option. Kaesi and I weren't even hungry so we opted for FRoZeN YoGuRT instead :) 

Then we wandered on over to the park, full of people, where Cam, Andrea and Tanner ate. I took their vitals for my EMT class, and Kaesi snapped photos. 


Ok, now keep reading :)

Kaesi didn't want to go, but after the picnic the rest of us wandered on over to the dollar movies to see this good lookin' flick. 

We were running a little late, but that's what previews are for. What we weren't prepared for it to be sold out :( The Super 8 was with us and everything. Oh well, that'll just be another adventure for another day. 

But now we had time to kill before the 
BBQ @ G&G's.

We all went our separate ways and I decided to do something I had been meaning to do forever! As much and I love my computer, it was just running way to slow. 

It was time to upgrade the RAM.

Shout out to MacTraders, first for being open on Labor Day; and second for saving me tons 'o' money!

Simply Mac: $200-$300
MacTraders: $75

Totally made my day!

Then it was time for the BBQ :) 

EVERYONE minus CaNDaCe was there. 

Burgers, Dogs, Chips, Corn, Olives, and Jello. 

That's the way we do BBQ's.

And thats the way my family does LaBoR DaY :)

VaLiDaTioN. :)

Be EXCiTeD!!

There is something else I want to show you guys first though.

Last night I was checking my facebook when I noticed a video that my good friend JyNeLLe had posted. 

I don't usually take the time to watch these things, but above it she had written

"I dare you to take the time to watch this."

So I thought, "hey, I'll just put it on while I get ready for bed. Then I''ll just turn it off when I'm finished." 

Cause lets be honest, it's a 16 minute movie. It was already late. I hadn't slept much the night before. And I had to work the next morning. Sleep sounded much more appetizing. 

But I think TJ Thyne is great, so I put it on and started to get ready for bed. 

As I got ready, I partially listened until I finished and then I sat down to watch a little more before turning it off. 

But then I couldn't turn it off. 
I watched it all!
And then went to bed so happy! 

and then I watched it this morning again while I was getting ready for work. 

It is seriously so incredible! 

So take the dare, and watch it.

You won't regret it :) 

Isn't it great??

What a world this would be if everyone did the same thing :) 

Sunday, August 28, 2011

i HeaRT My FaMiLy :D

SuNDaYS=PaRTy @ G&G's
We've been doing it for as long as I can remember :)
The more the merrier!


It was such a blast! We played game after game after game!

so funny! Especially when half the family has never played :) 
the family classic! Oh so loud and competitive!
Holy intense! Especially with them Young's :) 

Laughing all night with friends and family. It doesn't get much better than that!

SuRe Do LoVe You GuYS!!


**PiCTuReS CoMiNG SooN**

Sunday, August 21, 2011


I realize that I have been terrible when it comes to BLoGGiNG.
I'M So SoRRy!!
I really am.
I'm setting a goal now to be better :) 

I'm not entirely sure where my memory card walked off to, so there might not be many pictures.
But I'll sure do my best! 

This morning I was able to go to a farewell out in SPRiNGViLLe with my friend, aLeXa.
I could totally live in that area of SPRiNGViLLe
It was for a kid, CHRiS, she knew from leadership. 
I didn't know him, but she didn't want to go alone.
Since I hate going to things alone too, I tagged along. 

aLeXa, might have forgotten I moved.
I couldn't park at Maceys, so I parked at the hospital instead.
I'm pretty sure you aren't supposed to do either... whoops. 
So we may have been a little late.

The family in front of us at the church had the cutest little boy!
So we played with him the whole time :)

Afterwards we went to Chris' house.
Which conveniently had a park in the front yard.
Literally though, full on field, pavilion, playground and track.
YeS PLeaSe!
Nothing like a light picnic on a SuNNy SuNDaY aFTeRNooN.

After that...

Then we went to my little cousin CaYDeN'S BiRTHDaY PaRTY!
Yes, I stole this pic from Trent. It's not even from tonight. 
THRee YeaRS oLD. WoW!!
All I have to say is that I have the greatest family ever! 
Party's with the extended family are always over the top crazy :D 
Especially when my cousin moves, and we have 3 cars following my grandparents GPS through construction which the GPS also doesn't adjust for ;)

iCe CReaM 
a million aDoRaBLe KiDS
a GaMe oR TWo oF MaFia
and My FaNTaSTiC FaMiLY

and you have got 


Saturday, July 9, 2011

THiNGS LeaRNeD @ a FaMiLY ReuNioN

1. My family has way more kids than I ever realized. 
2. If you're a MouLToN, chances are your favorite color is GReeN.
3. The part where my family can sit in a car for hours, not say anything, and not have it be awkward; that comes from the Moulton side. 
4. Being a kid at heart runs in my blood. I'll probably never grow out of it
5. It is possible that your cousin's kids will have a crush on You, YouR SiSTeR and your other CouSiN at the same time. 
6. When I actually have kids, I shouldn't be surprised if they're all boys. 
7. Rob will forever be leaving at 4.

Preston, Me, Aria, Tyne Isaac and Chris

You know when the last time all us MouLToN's got together was? 
Let me tell you.

It was

Count 'em peeps, that was 14 years ago!

I was 8 years old


This is TyNe and aRia. They came down from CoLoRaDo with my uNCLe RoB on Tuesday night and stayed with us for a couple of days pre-reunion.

Thursday night I jumped in their car with them and we all went up to BLaKe and ReaNNa's (my aunt and uncles) where we met up with most  the rest of the family. Some of us stayed there, other's went to a hotel, and everyone else drove up the next morning. 

By NooN all 51 of us (which actually isn't anywhere near all of us. I have close to 40 cousins alone on that side.) were caravanning up to the Valley View Stake Camp; complete with its own pool.  

1. THe LaWN CHaiR KaeSi and I lived in. 
2. THe SHoT my DaD tried to make at least 15 times. 
3. TaNNeR and the ever so popular SHaRK RoB got at the SCeRa PooL the day before.
4. Picture 45 of the 51 people there in that pool. 
5. P-I-G
6. TyNe bustin' out her oNe PieCe
7. CuZZieS

Before the pool ever happened though, Aria, Kaesi, Tyne, Tanner and I went on a search for the perfect place to pitch the girls tent. There were plenty of places we could have pitched the tent; like Eve, Naomi or about 10 others. But then we saw MaRV (or Mary, depending on your angle)

Why wouldn't you want to sleep on a spot called Marv? Yeah that's what we thought too. 

But then Uncle Rob saw how far from the Lodge it was. He thought we should sleep somewhere a little closer. So we opted for Naomi; which actually worked out perfectly. It had room for the TeN MaN girls tent, and a tent for Uncle Rob, DaD and TaNNeR.

A little later we broke out for some games. While we fished for doughnuts, ran relays, played crab soccer and made statues, all the younger kids went through a carnival that my AuNT SHaRoN put together.

It was at that carnival that my AuNT JuDy started her two-day face painting project. I'm thinking that wasn't her intent but she is an incredible artist! So for the next two days she was behind the brush; and she did a mighty good job at it!

Then came something that I probably shouldn't even put up... haha. You see apparently my dear family had planned a talent show. DeCeNDeNTS GoT TaLeNT; if you will.

My family's act was a little, uh, MeSSy. Yeah, that's a good word. No rehearsal. No nothing. Just a table full of props. 

My sister said it right when she said we made HuGe FooLS of ourselves! But hey, these fools won the famous BoB aWaRD!! Except I still don't know what exactly that is... it never made it to camp haha :)

After that all ten of us girls got our bags set up it the tent and made way for the fire pit. Dad and Uncle Rob had started a fire. There may not have been SMoReS, but my cousin's kids were full of scary stories!

Before we knew it all the girl's were sound asleep in their tent while the boys enjoyed their PiLLoW TaLK. Us girls did have our fair share of crazy over the weekend though :)

All in all, the whole thing was so great!! I have the best family ever and I am so glad that we were finally able to get so many of them together!

the KiDS


the GReaTS

Description of how we felt about the reunion: