Monday, April 14, 2014


GRaTiTuDe. That is what I think of when I think of the last month and a half. GRATITUDE for the experience I gained working with Philippine Improvement Group and Revive. GRATITUDE for the doors that were opened because of it. GRATITUDE for a friend who did for me what I wouldn't have done for myself. GRATITUDE for the person who was a friend when I felt like I had no one. GRATITUDE for a calling that was given to me because Heavenly Father knew I would need it. GRATITUDE for a Bishop and the council he gives. GRATITUDE for friends who have always been there for me no matter how blind I may be at times. GRATITUDE for incredible coworkers who have showed me more love than I ever deserved. GRATITUDE for the chance I had, and will continue to have, to set and make goals for myself. GRATITUDE for roadtrips with a longtime friend. GRATITUDE for get togethers with friends who I don't get to see very often. GRATITUDE for a ward that has brought me so many irreplaceable friends. GRATITUDE for a mom who pushes me when I don't want to, but need to be pushed. GRATITUDE for my extended family and the horrendous version of "Happy Birthday" they sing whenever they can. GRATITUDE for brothers who make the greatest roommates. GRATITUDE for HELP International, the friends I have there and the vision and ability they have to do good.  GRATITUDE for an amazing group of people that I get to spend my entire summer with. GRATITUDE for all the people who are constantly bringing a smile to my face. GRATITUDE for the strangers who have so graciously welcomed me in to their homes. GRATITUDE for the people who arranged for that to happen. GRATITUDE for Terry, the kind lady who I met at the airport and the time we spent laughing. GRATITUDE for the offer Terry and the other cute couple at the airport gave me and for their kindness. GRATITUDE for a familiar face as I stepped in to the unknown. GRATITUDE for a bed to sleep in, food to eat, the people that made it possible  and their patience as I learned the BART system.

In today's world it is so easy to get discouraged by all the horrible things we see going on in the world around us. But today all I can do is smile and hope that one day I will be able to pay all these people back for their kindness. Just know that each and every one of you have been a shining example in my life and I it is somethng that be defects my life each and every day. 

As for the trip, I'll start documenting the details of it tomorrow, but for now I couldn't move on with out saying "THANK YOU" to all throws who have for me to where I am today :)

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  1. Thank YOU for being awesome!! We hope you have the best summer deserve it!! Luv ya tons sweetie!!!!