Saturday, April 30, 2011


Sorry folks! This post is a little late, but up to date none the less.
and I'm gonna backdate it because I'm like that. 
iTS THaT TiMe aGaiN!!!
Don't know what I'm talking about? Well just click here :)
and for last months charts... just click there too
For starters NuMBeRS 9-10; that is really going to be songs 9-18.
Sorry, we had a TeN WaY TiE.
also. song NuMeRo uNo is the same as last month..
so.. I'm gonna put it after NuMBeR 3 and then have NuMBeR 2 be the featured song. 
Get it? Got it? Good :) 
NuMBeRS 9-18
We'LL Be a DReaM. We THe KiNGS
i WoN'T SaY (i'M iN LoVe). from HeRCuLeS
BY YouR SiDe. LiFeHouSe
SToRY oF MY LiFe. BoN JoVi
CaLLiNG You. BLue oCToBeR
NuMBeRS 7 aND 8
HaD eNouGH. LiFeHouSe
NuMBeR 6
PeRFeCT. P!NK (eDiTeD!!!)
NuMBeRS 4 aND 5
LiKe We uSeD To. RoCKeT To THe MooN
NuMBeR 3
FaLLiNG iN. LiFeHouSe
NuMBeR 1


.FeaTuReD SoNG.
NuMBeR 2
BReaTHe by

In the last month i really have listened to this song way more than "ToNiGHT, ToNiGHT". It just so happens that it's total plays still haven't beat Hot Chelle Rae's plays.
There are so many things I could say about this song. I can't tell you where I first heard it.  Although it was probably the radio. I did get to see it performed live when we went to the BoN JoVi CoNCeRT which was an absolute blast! 


But that's not what I want to say about it. 
This last month has been extremely difficult for me. I've felt more fear, worry and unsurity than I have experienced in a very long time. In fact I don't know that I have ever felt so heavily before. Climbing back to the days when I was a kid has never been more inviting. 
Don't get me wrong though. I'm not saying any of this to scare anyone. And I'm not asking for any kind of sympathy. I only say these things because it'll help me prove a point.

I think sometimes we let the circumstances of our lives get the best of us. We forget to look at the bigger picture. Or maybe it's the bigger picture that scares us. We stress about things that we just can't change by ourselves. 
Sometimes we just forget that we still have to breathe. 
In a lot of ways thats exactly what I've done. Sometimes things crumble, kicking up lots of dust. For a little bit it's hard to breathe. But eventually the dust settles. You can pick yourself back up. There are others around you to help you through. 
If you didn't watch the music video, seriously go back and watch it. Then to be inspired even more, go check out the website at the end of the movie. 
"BReaTHe, just BReaTHe
Let the LiFe that you LiVe be all that you NeeD.
LeT Go of the FeaR, LeT Go of aLL DouBT
TaKe THe WoRLD oFF YouR SHouLDeRS, PuT iT oN Me."

Thank you dear Mr. Star for writing such a great song. 


THe oDDaLiTieS oF LiFe.

Twas the week before "Five Star" and all through the house
Every creature was stirring; all were 'bout to pounce.  
The stock room was cleaned by the aide's with such care
In hopes that the date wasn't past wear and tear.
The gloves, they were safe, no their date twas not red,
But shaving creams shelf life was slightly past dead. 

Well what does one do with expired shaving cream? (heck, who even knew it expired)
You put it in your purse.
One more thing crossed off the shopping list :)  (Don't worry,  I had approval)

A few short days later, CaNDaCe, aaRoN, TaNNeR and I found ourselves at KNeaDeRS. 
A few short people found the shaving cream. 
Next thing you know, the Kneaders crew found a slight mess.

But it wasn't on us ;)

oDDaLiTythe odd parts of ones' life that makes said life great. 

Thursday, April 28, 2011

No ScHooL ToMoRRoW :D

or the next day or the next :) 

WHaT Do I LoVe aBouT THiS WeeK?
well, let me tell you :)

1. Going to see LeS MiSeRaBLeS with my PaReNTS and G.PaReNTS :)

2. This LoVeLY LaSS moved to UTaH!

3. Eating PiZZa in front of the TeMPLe and trying not to FReeZe
The party moved back to the car after the first slices cause it was So CoLD!


5. THiRTy-oNe CeNT iCe CReaM WiTH BReNNo :) 

6. MaKiNG NeW FRieNDS 

7. DRiViNG GoLF CaRTS early in the MoRN
I even swung my first swing at a real golf course!
CaNDaCe * RHeTT * Me
Look really close and you can find JoSH


8. GeTTiN My NaiLS ReDiD :) 

YuP. So GReaT!! 

Monday, April 25, 2011

22 oR 111. EiTHeR WaY iTS a PaLiNDRoMe:)

Have no fear, the post that is supposed to follow the post below is still coming! It's just taking a little longer than I thought. But in the meantime....

THiS WeeK has been a WeeK oF CeLeBRaTioN :) 

Although my time probably would have been much better spent studying all day every day, that definitely wasn't going to happen! *don't worry I did get a couple rounds of it in* You see APRiL 20 is the day yours truly bounced into this happy valley. BoRN N' RaiSeD FoLKS!

WeDNeSDaY. That was my actual birthday :) The morning was super chill. Just the way I like it. No work; just me, a pan a french toast, milk and my PJs. 

Later that night BReNNoN ditched out on all his studies, climbed up onto my balcony and we ran off to dinner :) Anyone who knows me could guess where we went haha. TeXaS! I really did try to think of other places to go but I came up with nothin.  We had the world's smallest table, but the world's nicest waitress! Who sucessfully spooked Brennon at least three times :)  If you haven't been to Texas Roadhouse, Go! And make sure you get brown sugar with your rolls! Trust me you won't be disappointed! If you have been though, and have been on your birthday, you know that along with the Yee-HaWS and FRee iCe CReaM comes the RiDiNG oF a SaDDLe and the entire restaurants eyes fixed on you. It was then that I learned I was turning 111. I guess I must age rather well :)  

Afterwards we went and visited my family for a little bit and then we ran over to the CLyDe to get our study on. Yeah I know, studying on your birthday = lame; but I don't really care. It was either that or sit at home by my lonesome. My family was in bed, and Bren needed to study for his last final. So I opted for the studying which actually turned out pretty humorous :)


FRiDaY. It was back to work.  But afterwards my parents and I took a little trip to BeST BuY where I got this dashing piece of machinery!

My NeW CaMeRa, THaT i LoVe. See :)
Let me tell you about my history with cameras. I always tease Brennon that I go through cameras like he goes through phones. I think I got the raw end of that deal. I used to have this exact same camera and it literally vanished out of thin air. I swear it walked out of my room. Who really knows. But now I have a camera! Perfect time for a rockin' summer!

SuNDaY. This was the family celebration :) MoM. DaD. TaYLoR. TaNNeR. GMa. GPa. Everyone minus KaeSi. But she did give me a shout out on her blog so it's ok. We had a little EaSTeR DiNNeR at my parents, along with some CHoCoLaTe TRiFLe :D For a photo and link to the recipe click here! But seriously, you'll want to check this  one out! We opened the rest of my presents and had a jolly good time! 

THaNK You DeaR FaM!

and THaNK You to all the people who wished me a HaPPy BiRTHDaY!

I must admit that I didn't think many people would remember since I deleted my facebook. But i was proved wrong :) Some people I knew would remember, but there were a handful of you who surprised me! Thanks a million everyone :D 

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

oNe, TWo, BuCKLe My SHoe

So i HaVe THiS iDea, 
BuT FiRST i NeeD SoMeoNe to PiCK a NuMBeR BeTWeeN 
1 and 282. 
PLeaSe and THaNK You! :D

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

WouLD You LiKe YouR eGGS SCRaMBLeD or FRieD?

So I have a funny story :) 

The date was APRiL 16, 2011; it was a FRiDaY night. 

Ok, technically it was the 17th and it was a really early SaTuRDaY morning. 
2 aM to be exact.

I had just spent the night being chased by a cult and hiding for my life in a closet.
(That's another story for another time)
Now it was time to go home!
BReN had come back with me cause his car was parked at my apt. 

Sadly, his car wasn't exactly to keen with the idea of starting when we had tried to leave 5 hours earlier.
Mine was up for an adventure so we took him instead :) 

We had hoped BReN's car would just start when we came back later. 
But it didn't.
So we put my parking pass in his car and I took him back to CaLeBs' house. 

Well along the way we took a wrong turn; just one street to early.
We tried turning down the street we thought CaLeBS' house was on, but then we realized that wasn't going to get us there. 
This street we had turned onto also happened to be a CuL De SaC.
So I just flipped around, ready to leave.

That's when I saw the police car.
He was driving into the street that we were just about to drive out of. 
Maybe he was just going home?
That's when he turned around and switched his lights on. Darn.

Surprisingly I wasn't nervous at all. 
I didn't think I was speeding. 
I hadn't done anything illegal, that I knew of...
Maybe I was just to tired to care, haha. 

Well, Mr. Cop came up to my window and asked for my license. 
About that... What if it was sitting at home?
Luckily the nice officer just looked it up. 

Both of us were pretty curious as to why I had been pulled over.
That's when he asked us if we had been eGGiNG any cars, haha really?

No officer, we don't have any of these :) 

Apparently the car I drive is the same car as the HoMe eGGiNG SuSPeCT.

Now go back, read the 5th line, add this story on top of it, and it makes for a very interesting night. 

I laughed, Bren laughed.

I look back on the night and laugh again :)

For the first time in my WHoLe LiFE, I was pulled over and didn't get a ticket! 
HaPPy DaY! 

Monday, April 18, 2011


CHaNGe #1: Bye Bye NiNTH WaRD. Because of the changes that are happening with the Singles Wards all over Utah, I have to start going to a different ward. Leaving has been something I haven't looked forward to at all.  The bishopric in this ward has made me feel so loved. They have a way of letting you know they care that I have never had with a bishopric before, and that relationship is something I will cherish for the rest of my life. They made sure I was welcomed and involved in the ward the day I got there. They have helped me through experiences that no one else could help with. I know my new ward will be ok, but I still hate to say goodbye :(

CHaNGe #2 and 3:  these two experiences have had the most influence on me lately. They have helped me to realize just how grateful I am for certain people in my life, and  how much the gospel really does mean to me. They have been the hardest to get through, but have also brought the most reward. Unfortunately i  can't really talk about them right now. 

CHaNGe #4: DeaR KaeSi DeCiDeD To MoVe To CaLiFoRNia.. Once upon a time my little sister was actually littler than me. Now she's got a good couple inches on me! I've accepted my fate, that one day -probably soon- I will be the shortest one in my immediate family. Until my mom starts shrinking ;)

See, I was taller at one point :)

For the next year Kaesi's going to work as a Nanny out in California. Minutes from the beach and sand volleyball league? You best believe I'll be visiting! I may be a little bitter that she left me, but I think a little CaLiFoRNia VaCa will make things better :) 

CHaNGe #5: I decided that instead of going into uLTRaSouND, I just want to stick with NuRSiNG. 

I can remember when I was just youngster playing house with my siblings, the CaZieRS and JaSoN. My Character: The mom who doubled as a NuRSe. Every single time! In the third grade we had to pick a famous person to do a report on, and then sew a picture of them onto a piece of burlap. I chose FLoReNCe NiGHTeNGaLE; a nurse during the Crimean War and founder of the very first Nursing School. Third grade people :) As life went on I caught an episode of ER and that was that. I wanted nothing more than to be an ER Nurse! 

My senior year in high school I got my CNA and worked with it for 4 and a half months before I decided I couldn't handle this for the rest of my life. My first job was in the Alzheimer's Unit at Courtyard at Jamestown Assisted Living; and I absolutely LoVeD it!!! But then I moved to St. George for college at Dixie State. I got a job down there (I won't say where), but that was what made me change my mind. You could tell that the people working there were only doing it because on the paycheck. No one liked their job and it showed. The environment was just sad; for the the patients, the staff everyone. That was not who I wanted to be. 

Majors changed, schools changed, jobs changed. In the back of my mind I always loved health care, I just didn't want to be the person I saw in my coworkers for the rest of my life. But then I found friends who showed me a whole other side of health care. It helped me to realize that the medical field was something I could enjoy :) 

I decided I wanted to get my RN and then go on to do uLTRaSouND after. That way I would have something to fall back on if I wasn't able to go all the way to Ultrasound. Well one day, a man came into the place I work now; he was going to do an ultrasound on one of our patients. After talking to him about it I realized doing both might not be the best option. I was still thinking about doing it, but I wasn't 100% sure. 

Well in the last couple weeks all the changes I've mentioned so far really caused me to re-evaluate my life; to figure out what I want my life to be. I thought about changing majors again and doing Surgical Tech, but thats when I realized I've wanted to be a Nurse for as long as I an remember. A nurse, in the ER. That is my dream job, so that is what I am going to do :) 

Well folks, thats some of whats been going on so far. If I think of more I'll add them, but there are 100 other things I'm really kind of excited to write about! So it's on to bigger better things!

I do want to say that I am extremely grateful for the experiences I have been through recently, and I know they have brought blessings into my life. I am super excited for Kaesi, and to be going into Nursing once again :) The new ward will take some work to adjust to, but it will be good too.    

Thursday, April 14, 2011

APRiL 14.

I have had the absolute hardest time trying to figure out how to blog about this month. 

My last real post: APRiL FooLS DaY

Two weeks later (which I could have sworn was at least two months) and I feel like a hundred million things have happened. Some of them I'll blog about, but some of them are just going to stay right where they are. So for those of you reading, there ya go. Now you've got something to look forward to :) 

But until then, lets just talk about today.

THiNGS i LoVe aBouT ToDaY

Sitting in my car before class, windows cracked, breeze blowing through, tunes playing, sun shining and writing this post. All at the same time :) 


walking out the door of my physiology lab feeling great about how i did on the final, knowing i rocked the class and also knowing i'll never have to do it again!

going to Human Development cause I have to for attendance, but knowing that I don't have to take the final or write the last two papers because of all the extra credit my teacher offered!

I signed up to be a volunteer for an organization that is trying to help stop child sex trafficking, and I'm super excited! They through an awesome concert last year, which I'll also have to post about. Check out the organization here.

DiD i MeNTioN THe SuN iS SHiNiNG?? :)



You see, on my way into my Physiology Lab Final, I noticed a tent out on campus with all these Hawaiians cooking food. It looked so good and I wanted some. It looked like they were selling it, but there were only ten minutes left before my final started. I would have to wait. 

Well fast forward and hour and I'm walking by the same tent, only this time I can actually smell it. DeLiSH, HeaVeNLY, you pick the word, and thats what it was. Only now it didn't look like it was for sell. DaRN! 

That gets me thinking, there is this little hawaiian restaurant right by my place and I have been dying to try it for the longest time! Except for I didn't want to go by myself. So I called T.MaN (pictured above) to see if he wanted to come. Well hawaiian doesn't excite him to much (gender, age and the fact that he doesn't like hawaiian may be the only three things that set us apart). Boo for him. So i tell him I'll go to Cafe Rio instead. Well that sold him. We were Rio bound! 

We stuffed our faces, talked about how exciting his Spring Break had been and about the fact that our dear sister has already forgotten us. Yes Kaesi, thats you :P Anyways, it was great, we were full, and mom enjoyed the leftovers. 


Wednesday, April 6, 2011


You know what I absolutely love?


You know what goes great with a porch swing?


Just think about it
Warm Summer Nights

Afternoons drinking lemonade with loved ones

Evenings in the Moonlight


just being able to enjoy the outdoors.

PeRFeCTioN :)

You know what the sad thing is though?
 I feel like they aren't around all that often anymore.

Maybe it's all the time i've spent living in an apartment over the last four years, or maybe it's my parent 4-foot square porch that leaves me wanting more. I can't say for sure.

All I know is that one day I want my house to have just that.

and a roof i can sit on to stargaze.

But thats another story


PS. for those of you who read this, let me tell ya. It's a success story :) People are still trying to figure out what is up with the highlighters!

Friday, April 1, 2011

THe FooLS oF aPRiL HaVe aRRiVeD

Normally I'm not one to whip out the GiaNT BooK 'o' PRaNKS on APRiL 1st. In fact coming up with any sort of shenanigans like that usually involves me calling someone else, picking their brain, and then carrying out the plan the other person came up with.

Well this year, APRiL 1st was spent at work. Breakfast was served and cleaned up, beds were made, water was passed and my vitals were charted. So there I sat with CRiSSy, ERiN, JyNeLLe, and a new volunteer DaNieL, at the nurses station. It was friday, and the stresses of the week had clearly eaten away at our sanity. That's when the idea hit me.  On the counter in a little caddy sat this bundle of highlighters, which are frequently used items at our little building. The next shift would be the next group to use them, and they would never see it coming.

It was then that I realized that you could take the bottom off of each highlighter, and take the ink out. Switch them up and green highlighter writes blue; yellow highlighter writes green, etc. You get the  idea.  Only I had no idea how I was going to get the bottoms off. Well since our Director of Nursing, JeFF, can solve just about any problem I ran over to his office and asked if he had any kind of tools to get the job done. Luckily he found me one giant pair of pliers; we had success!

Only it was much easier said than done. Switching the cartridges, thats a breeze! Getting the ink to actually soak through the tip so that it'll write a different color; not so much. By now all us girls were scribbling on paper, shaking highlighters and making sure that when we set them down bottoms faced up. Isaac Newton discovered gravity, and now we were going to use it to our advantage. 

Just take a second to really picture this though. You've got four girls sitting at a the nurses station. Each one has a highlighter in their hand. The only way to get the ink down the tip was to whack it down. So we're all sitting there shaking highlighters, hitting them against our hands (which eventually began to hurt), our legs (which hurt a lot faster than our hands), and eventually our shoes (at least we got smart at some point :) ). We're all laughing hysterically because we all look like we have tourettes. We'd hit the point where everything was hilarious :) After a good two or three hours later (with time in between for answering call lights and eating staff lunch and such) we finally got all the highlighters finisherd. Once again we had success :)

In the meantime, STaFF LuNCH! Our administrator FReD had grilled all of us up some burgers and hot dogs. Unfortunately we had a lot of pickups and a couple of doctors appointments, so they had to pull Crissy from the floor so drive people around. But the rest of us girls, and JaNNeTTe from housekeeping quickly made way to the break room. The smell of burgers had quite literally filled the building. So yummy! 

The laughter didn't stop there! Erin, Jannette and I were already back there eating, and Jynelle had been out getting one last light. Well you see, the kitchen had stacked all the toppings into little individual piles. All i wanted from my stack was a piece of lettuce. Erin and Jannette didn't want all their toppings either. So Jynelle, helped us out and took all of our leftover toppings. It was one big ol' burger! So here sits Jynelle, trying to stuff this huge thing in here mouth, and we are all dying of laughter as grease drips down her face. It was all a big joke, Jynelle doesn't normally eat like that :) Then out of nowhere she says "I'm a divorced woman who's been on a diet for 4 weeks! This is the most pleasure I've had in a long time!" and digs back into her burger. By now we are all laughing so hard we're crying!

Meet JaNNeTTe :)
Next thing we know we're cutting open the cake one of previous patients had brought over. Only we are cutting pieces smack dab out of the middle, and now it's being shoved in peoples faces! Now we can't breathe cause we're laughing so hard. Maybe you had to be there, but man oh man, it was such a great day! 

That there is what I absolutely love about my job. No matter how rough of a day, week, or month it's been we can still manage to put a smile on each others face. I am so so grateful for the girls I work with. Never before has the place I worked at felt so much like a family!

The next shift didn't even notice the highlighters were switched. But you know what, it doesn't even matter! It's exactly what each and every one of us needed to make a rough week great :) 

And...Crissy, if you read this, 
We SuRe WiLL MiSS You!!!!