Friday, October 10, 2014


Anyone who has spent a significant amount of time around me can probably tell you that I love being spontaneous. There is something about going into something with no plan, being able to hope for the best, working your way through the unexpected, and being able to do something you never could have planned that is just so exhilarating.  

I can tell you right now that the last thing I thought I would be doing tonight was learning how to skin an elk's head with five little girls, 2 younger boys, and two of my closest friends. 

Cole has been a rancher for life. I have risen horses. Kelly grew up around with farms and such all around her, but I'm pretty positive she has never had to skin any animals head. Yet here we were in Cole's backyard, his nieces and nephews all around. They had all just finished hauling hay when Kelly and I got there. Then, out of nowhere, this happened (WARNING: If you have a weak stomach I   would probably skip the video).

I have to admit, that after taking anatomy I found the whole thing to be extremely fascinating. Do I ever want to skin an elk's head on my own? Yeah, not really. Next time Cole skins one do I even want to be there? If his nieces and nephews are there I will happily sit back and watch their commentary for hours. The things they had to say had Kell and me in hysterics the entire time. 

Had you told me when I woke up yesterday morning that I would end my day like that, I would have looked at you in complete shock. "Seriously?" As gross and gruesome as it was though, I really did love it. I loved being able to watch Cole do something he is passionate about. I loved learning all about elk. I loved being able to hang out with his incredible family. I loved spending time talking to Mama Ras, and just catching up with my friends. I loved the conversations Kell and I had in the car, and I love that I can add something new to my list of firsts. Life throws some rather unique opportunities at you sometimes. My advice: Take them :)

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