Wednesday, October 15, 2008

NeW bLoG.. FaLl BrEaK... LoVe It!!

You know what I love about CoLlEgE! Aside from the awesome FrIeNds, and times where I should probably study, but usually end up PlAyInG instead... I LoVe that you can arrange your ScHeDuLe in almost any way you want! This semester my schedule has been SuPeR nIcE! Granted I'm at school from EiGhT aM to SiX-tHiRtY pM, I only have TwO days of school! MoNdAy and WeDnEsDaY! So this week, while everyone is super excited for FaLl BrEaK, I'm sorry to tell them that EvErY wEeK is FaLl BrEaK for Me :D
But I am super excited that the rest of my FrIeNdS are out! This weekend (don't ask what we were thinking), me and a bunch of friends decided it was time to leave this ever so WaRm weather.. and head up to the wonderful land of ReXbUrG! Crazy, I know.. but it's gonna be a PaRtY!!!! We're off to visit the rest of our EfY bUdDiEs, and sit in ChApMaN lOuNgE to reminisce about old times hAhA :) I'll probably have SnOw up to my BeLlYbUtToN.. but it'll all be worth it! And no worries, there will be PiCs! And LoTs of 'em :D "FaLl BrEaK" here I come!!


  1. Yipee!!!!! Your a blogger!!! I cant describe the smile this puts on my face! Welcome little cousin.

  2. cute blog!!!
    adding ya to my list!!
    oh and look at the blog.

  3. I'm excited that your blogging it's really fun you'll love it :)

  4. so have fun in rexburg without me.... if that's even possible!!

  5. Brit- I am so glad that you found my blog! How are you? When are you going to come see me in AK?