Saturday, October 18, 2008

oFf To ThE bUrG!!

WEll, i promised pics  from my fall break trip to the BuRg, so here we go! I'm just going to start off by saying that at this time last year 1) I was living St. GeOrGe, 2) My FaLl BrEaK was spent in PhOeNiX. Now I am living in OrEm (soon to be LoGaN) and my FaLl BrEaK is being spent in ReXbUrG.. OpPoSiTe MuCh?? haha. what on earth am i thinking?!?! haha i guess you could say i like change...  :) 

Well, anywho.. DaY oNe at the BeRg was FaBuLoUs!!  For those of you who didn't know, this summer I worked as an eFy CoUnSelOr, FiVe WeEkS all over UtAh and ThReE in ReXbUrG. Needless to say, I aBsOlUtElY lOvEd It!!!!! Luckily some of the friends I made live here in the OrEm/PrOvo area, but we most definitely left some behind in ReXbUrG. So that is why we decided to go up. My friends SaRa and NaTe came up with me, and then two of our other friends BrAdEn and NaTaLiE came up from LoGaN. It was one FaNtAbUlOuS rEuNiOn :)

Now for some HiGhLiGhTs from the TrIp:

1) NaTe playin' DJ on our way up! Everytime we go on a trip, NaTe makes a new Cd for the drive. On top of that, part way into IdAhO, he decided that we needed to listen to one song from every GeNrE on my IpOd.. we made it through two kinds of AlTeRnAtIvE.. then decided to start at the bottom of the list. It was funny :)

2) This one couldn't have been any more coincidental! First off, this summer after our last week of EfY, a huge group of 70+ cOuNsElOrS took a trip to DiSnEyLaNd for a week, which is where the PiCtUrE I am holding in the PiCtUrE below was taken. 
So shortly after we got to DaNi'S apartment, I was back in her room with her and we brought out that picture. I handed it to BrAdEn cause he wanted to look at it. A few seconds later, he got my attention and said "I recognize that shirt!" pointing at me, and the pointing at himself he said "and I recognize this shirt!" We were both wearing the same exact shirt we had been wearing DaY 2 in DiSnEyLaNd! Naturally we had to take a PiC :) 

3) The dinner DaNi made for us :) I just love college!! We had some good ol' MaC n' ChEeSe! and stepping it up from the typical college meal, she made us this ChIcKeN feTtUcInI, along with some very ripe bananas and yummy ClEmEnTiNeS :D 

4) Playing ImAgInIfF!!!! If you have never played this game, you most definitely NeEd to! Not should if you want, but you NeEd to play this game! It is so funny to play, and works so much better when everyone knows everyone! But seriously, it is such a fun game!!

5) When KaTiE and LiNdSeY got there, and somehow we ended up doing TwO of the EfY dances in DaNi'S lIvInG rOoM.. that tends to happen quite often with us.. haha. We just like to SpOnTaNeOuS practice on the OfF sEaSoN :D

6) Next it was to CrAiGo's (the local PiZzA dInEr) for CoOkIe MoNsTeRs. They are basically the same as NeVeR oN sUnDaEs from PiZzA fAcToRy.. which if you haven't had, you need to try those too! Super yummy ChOcOlAtE cHiP cOoKiE covered in VaNiLlA iCe CrEaM, WhIpPeD cReAm, ChOcOlAtE and CaRaMeL! mMmMm!

Me, NaTe and DaNi

TiA and BrAdEn

7) SlEePiNg In!!! enough said!

8) Going to CrAiGo's again! But this time there were a lot more of us.. TwElVe or ThIrTeEn of us to be exact! and we actually got real food this time. That is if a PiZzA bUfFeT could be considered real food.. haha

NaTaLiE, LyNdI and ViNcE

BrAdEn DaNi Me and HeAtHeR

9) GuItArS uNpLuGgEd!!!! Now that was a good time!!  

8) ArCtIc CiRcLe and ApPlEs to ApPleS til CuRfEw. That took some 
adjustment! They definitely had no curfew at DiXiE!

9) ChUrCh at TiA's ward was definitely a tReAt.. VeRy EnTeRtAiNiNg 
to say the LeAsT!!

All in all, it was such a fun trip! There is nothing I love more than to
travel with my friends! Especially these guys! There is most definitely 
NeVeR a DuLl MoMeNt!!! 

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  1. oh my gosh... it looks like you had so much fun!