Tuesday, January 5, 2010

2oo9?? oF cOuRsE iT hApPeNed :) nOw HeRe iT iS!!

Alrighty peeps, it's a new year and your lucky day! I've decided it's time to get the blog back up and running :) After one heck of a year, and the last insane semester, things are finally looking like they might calm down a little bit! But then again school hasn't started yet, so we'll see..

When was the last time I updated this thing?? November '08...well For those who haven't been around for it all, here's a quick update..

The people mainly mentioned in the blog up to this point are still some of my best and closest friends! I honestly can't imagine my life without them! Last New Years, TiA, BrYcE, NaTe, BrAdEn, KrIsTiN, BrAd and I went down to St GeOrGe for a couple days. If there is one thing worth mentioning, it's that we absolutely love any excuse for a RoAdTrIp!!

I fulfilled a lifetime first after that trip too! For the first time ever, I found my self riding a sNoWbOaRd! I know, I've lived in UtAh my whole life and only ever gone dOwNhiLL sKiiNg once! This was only a couple days into the new year, and by now BrEnNoN was back from HaWaII, so I hit the slopes with him and JaSoN. It was so much fun! A little cold, but definitely worth it :)

And just in case you thought I was joking about the roadtrip thing, it was only about a month later that BrEnNoN came running into PiZzAs apartment and told us we should go to DiSnEyLaNd again! Except for this time it wasn't months in advance. We're talking TwO wEeKs :D and we most definitely did! It was BrEnNoN, AlEx, KrIsTiN, BrAd, JaSoN, KaEsI, SaRaH oH and TaRa McCaIg, and I can honestly say that it was one of the funnest trips I have ever been on! It was super fast, but just loaded with great people, and all kinds of fun :)

What else has happened.. I can say that I went to the DrApEr TeMpLe OpEn HoUsE a total of at least 3, maybe 4 times. And can I just say that I absolutely love that temple!

Oh, and I can't forget one last trip! This trip lasted a total of 23 hOuRs, 21 of which were spent in a big ReD tRuCk that was rented from EnTeRpRiSe..and tRaiLeR on the back. BrEnNoN had found himself a motorcycle on eBaY, in N. CaLiFoRnIa, that he had to go pick up. There were only two problems.. the rental truck would have been super expensive if we didn't get it back in 24 hours, and BrEnNoN had a test to be back for the next day.. That meant there and back, NO STOPPING! Except for ya know food and gas. There was no way I was letting him take that trip alone. So we hopped in the truck FrIdAy mOrNiNg, and were back by SaTuRdAy MoRnInG! We still can't believe we made it home alive! Since I wasn't on the insurance I couldn't drive, which meant it was all BrEnNoN. I stayed up to make sure he did. We were both complete ZoMbIeS, i'm not even kidding. That too was my first all nighter! I've tried them before and just never been able to do it. I guess when you put two lives on the line things change a bit.

Other than that my second semester back home was random little things. TyE dYiNg shirts and wearing them to JuMp On It, 8o's DaNcInG in SlC on a school night, mOvIe NiGhTs at BrYcEs, and of course the HyPnOtiStS we seemed to become obsessed with.. just a whole lot of fun! I was still studying pHoToGrApHy at UvU, but I began to like it less and less. The program there is a lot more about fiLm pHoTo, and that just wasn't what I wanted to be in. I found that I liked photo more as a hobby, and not so much as a career. So at the end of the semester I called that one quits. But still had no idea what I wanted to go into...

If you remember my last post, I had applied to work as a BC in ReXbUrG, and didn't get hired for that. It was ok though cause I was happy being a cOuNsEloR.. well I didn't get that either :( I had talked to BrEnNoN about being a hEaLtH cOuNsElOr, and even applied. But I didn't even get a chance to interview since I wasn't 21 yet. As far as I knew, EfY was a no go that summer :( i was heartbroken.

I'd quit at AeRo cause I just couldn't take it anymore, and RoByN, one of the assistant managers, offered me a job at a new store her and her husband were opening out in AlPiNe. Summer looked like, AlEx in JeRsEy, KrIsTiN and BrEnNoN doing EfY, BrAd in IdAhO, HeAtHeR and SaRa doing EfY in the North West, and BrYcE moving to TeXas. Me, NaTe and TiA were gonna be the only ones left here. There was nothing more that I wanted to do than be working in IdAhO :(

Then BrEnNoN decided to take things into his own hands. He did so many things to get me hired, I guarantee it is because if him that things worked out! NiNe days before the first session in ReXbUrG started, his original co had dropped and DiCkSy was desperate! Technically I wasn't supposed to work because I wasn't 21, but ReXbUrG and ByU were the only two places that allowed it! I was going to be a hEaLtH cOuNsElOr in the BuRg :D I had never been so excited to work in my whole life haha :)

I got to spend my summer with some of the most incredible people! Our team did 7 weeks in ReXbUrG, and 1 in PoCaTeLLo. I even picked up 2 more weeks in PrOvO and finally fulfilled my dream of carrying a wAlKiE in PrOvO for eFy :) The summer was probably one of the hardest times of my entire life, but there were so many great things happening that kept me going. Not to mention the team I had to help me through it all.  Working back in the medical area that summer is what put me where I am right now.

After eFy ended, we took another trip to dIsNeYlAnD, then I landed right back in school. Only this time I was taking the hardest class UvU offers, and all sorts of other medical classes. I decided to become an UlTrAsOuNd tEcHnIcIaN :) Although it was the hardest semester i've ever had, I'm loving it! I've met some of the greatest girls who I spend crazy amounts of time with since we always have to be studying. Me, NaTe and PiZzA became closer than we ever had. And my cousin CaM even came back from his mission :) PiZzA and TaNnEr went on a trip down to AZ to visit, with a stop in VeGaS to visit the NeWlYwEdS :)

Looking back on the year, it's been crazy to see how everything has worked out! If BrEnNoN hadn't got me into eFy, who knows what I would be studying, or how many times i would have to switch majors again. Oh and one other thing, that boy who got me my summer job, the one i was co's with all summer,  who I went on crazy amounts of trips with, is now one of my absolute best friends! We've been together officially since the beginning of oCtObEr, but unofficially since that trip to CaLi in FeBrUaRy, and I couldn't be happier :)

I can't wait to see what the next year brings all around! Will I get into the UlTrAsOuNd program? Will i work eFy again? How many more rOaDtRiPs can we fit in? BrInG iT oN!!!!

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