Thursday, June 9, 2011

i aM Me :)


After lots of careful consideration I decided that the way my blog was beginning to turn out wasn't quite what I wanted. I love the ideas I have come up with! But I don't necessarily want them to be scheduled like lots of the mainstream blogs out there. So, there ya have it. Will I still blog? HeaVeNS YeS!!! Will Monday's Memories necessarily be on Mondays? Nah. I'll put things up when I want to :) 

In the meantime, I finally downloaded a song my new favorite song :D I've heard it on the radio a couple times, but I finally took the trip over to the iTunes store to get it! Enjoy :)


  1. blog like airy day. k thanks :) I love reading your blog silly!

  2. Girrrrlrllll, your blog is exploding with cuteness.

    Also, I like you. A lot.
    Keep blogging.

  3. I feel this as well, just recently talked about this in my blog. Blogging is your choice. Your newest follower, maybe you'll come by one day.