Monday, May 30, 2011

MoNDaYs MeMoRieS #2

Hey GuyS!! Thanks to everyone who responded to my last WeDNeSDaY WiSHeS post, cause now I have enough numbers to last my MoNDaYS MeMoRieS posts a few weeks! 

and especially to my sister who did a post herself! She's so great! Check it out!

I'm just a little excited :D

Now, onto this weeks picture! 
even though I may be shot for posting it ... 


THiS iS...
PiCTuRe 120.1
April 24, 2009

and these are two of my very BeST FRieNDS


I don't know what it was about that year, but the group of friends I had then went to more HyPNoTiST SHoWS that year than most people go to in their entire life. 

Not only did a some of us (NaTe, BRyCe, SeaN and maybe some others) go see the HyPNoTiST in P.G. that night, but at midnight it was officially Tia's BiRTHDaY!

There were CuPCaKeS, FRoSTiNG and lots of LauGHiNG.

Especially when BReNNoN decided it was a to give her a present she never saw coming!

a GiaNT FaCe FuLL oF FRoSTiNG!!

No one saw it coming, but I can't say we weren't surprised either :)

BReNNoN lucked out though, because apparently all it takes  is a kiss on the cheek to make up for hair and clothes full of frosting. Either that or Tia is just a really great sport!

I'm gonna go with a combination of the two :)

So there you have it! 
What are some of your memories?

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