Tuesday, April 15, 2014


I won't lie, up until around 5 'o' clock yesterday night the tought of traveling alone made me kind of nervous. I knew I could do it but that didn't make it any less nerve racking. But do you know what? This has been on of the best experiences! It's been full of tender mercies, like randomly running into James Beadle, a friend from my home ward growing up at the airport. Or realizing I was on the wrong train before I got to the point where I would have to back track. There was also the part where the person sitting next to me on my flight to Honolulu was a Filipino. Instant connection. 

I have met some of the nicest people too! Like Terry, the lady who was on her way to Oakland to visit her grandson. She was traveling alone too so we stuck together. Both she and this cute couple we met before our flight to Oakland we're quick to offer me a ride to the home I was staying at. We later realized that it wasn't in the same direction, so I told them I would be fine taking the BART, but the offer was there and it meant a lot. 

Then there was Guy and Sue. On Sunday I was talking to my friend Monica and I told her about my initial plan to just spend 19 hours in the airport. By Sunday night she had arranged for me to stay with Guy and Sue. They were kind enough to let me, this girl they've never met, just stay in their home. Not only that buthey fed me, helped me find my way around and made sure I was comfortable. I've never felt more at home in a strangers house. 

As far as wandering Oakland goes, I really didn't, unless you count going out on the BART. I'm just gonna say that should count for something even if it's something small...haha. I got in to town with just enough time to eat dinner with Guy and Sue, cheesecake included. Shortly after Sue asked if I wanted to watch some CSI with them. Definitely said yes and definitely fell asleep during in the middle of it. 

There really are so many good people out there! I love that I've got to spend so much time with complete strangers. It's made me want to be that way; a pay it forward type thing. Is there a definite learning curve to traveling solo? Yes. But it's worth every bit of it!

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  1. Ah man! I forgot you were leaving so soon! I was supposed to ask about you getting to the temple from the airport but my mom never called me back and I forgot lol! Sorry! Geez time is flying although I'm not complaining about that most the time lol. I can't believe you left already! Ah man just reminds me I need to fill out my volunteer information and buy my plane tickets to asia. I have been waiting for my parents to finalize their plans but now that they have I can get my tickets. Traveling is awesome! It can be scary when you are by yourself but take the chance to meet new people! You are awesome Britt! I can't wait to see you soon! :)