Tuesday, September 23, 2014

The Man at the Door

Am I the only one that feels like some people are just blessed with the natural ability to go out of their way for other people? It's like they don't even have to think about helping others, yet they are constantly doing it. That is the kind of person I want to be. Now, I don't know this next man that I am going to tell you about; not in the slightest. I have only ever observed him in passing and it was only one time, but as I caught a glimpse of what it was he was doing I was convinced that he fell into this exact category of selflessness.

It was a Friday, which meant I had a nice two-hour break in between classes. More often than not a break from class meant homework in the library, which was true for this particular day too. My next class was going to start in 15 minutes, so I packed up my things, logged off one of the many university computers and began to walk to my next class. It wasn't long before I had neared the outdoor stairs I would have to take to get to the building I needed to be in. That's when I noticed someone standing at an open door by right next to the staircase. 

People were leaving the building one after another, and at the door was a man holding it open for every single one of them. I myself probably watched 20 people exit through the door he had in his hand before the rush of people disappeared. At that point, I just thought he would let the door slip from his hands so that he could get to where he needed to be. I was wrong. Even with no one coming through the door, he stood there and waiting, with the door still in his hands, for the next group of people that he couldn't even see yet. 

I don't know how long he held the door like that, or how many people went through. It was something so simple and even though I didn't actually go through the door I want to thank him for the example he was to me.  Like I said, I don't know who this man is but surely someone in this world of Facebook knows him. The picture doesn't give much to work with and I know that chances of finding him are slim, but how neat would it be if we could find him, even if it is just to say "thank you."

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