Saturday, November 1, 2008

HoOrAy FoR fIvE dAy WeEkEnDs!!

Ok, so it's been a little while since I posted anything on here. So here are some of the things that went on this week! (I don't have the pictures on my computer yet, but once they are I'll add them too!

To start off the week, my FaMiLy and I (minus DaD :( ) decided to take a SuNdAy DrIvE up PrOvO cAnYoN. I absolutely LoVe FaLl! Especially up here where there are more mOuNtAiNs. St GeOrGe was great, but FaLl up here definitely takes it!

On ThUrSdAy, I spent a good chunk of the day making ChOcOlAtE tRiFlE.  Now I'm not any incredible cook, but this desert is AmAzInG!!!! If you 

haven't ever had it, it's a must! Just click right here for the recipe! And one more thing; it's always a hit!! People who have been there when I've made it before keep begging for more. So this time I made it for a HaLlOwEeN pArTy and it was a hit once more! So for everyone out there, once you've tested this out, let me know what you think!

Later that day, I went up to LoGaN with two of my fRiEnDs, DoNnY and JiLl. Every other ThUrSdAy our friend DrU puts together a DiNnEr for the EfY cOuNsElOrS that are living up there.  We definitely don't go every
 time, but when we do.. LiFe Is GoOd
 :D I got to see a lot of fRiEnDs, and even had time to go visit my old rOoMmAtE eMiLy (which I didn't get to do last time since I didn't do the driving). Even after that, I still had time to go visit one of my sUpEr GoOd fRiEnDs, KrIsTy. 
It was FaBuLoUs :D Then around ElEvEn ThIrTy, we headed back to OrEm. 

Now for HaLlOwEeN!!! Last night was so much fun! TiA came down from ReXbUrG and had an AmAzInG mUrDeR mYsTeRy DiNnEr put together!! She made the whole thing up herself and in was OuTsTaNdInG! We were running through that house! It was such a great night!! 

Other than that, it was a typical work and school week. So all in all, this weekend was an A+! 

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