Saturday, January 29, 2011

THiS iS Me #1

( i warned you these were going to be random :)  )

Today at work I was passing lunch around just like I always do. I had just set down the plate when my dear patient looked at the plate, told me to wait, picked up the plate, sniffed the parmesan covered broccoli to make sure it was really parmesan, asked me to scrape the broccoli off the plate and then to replace the broccoli with the non-parmesan-ated kind. Now you have to understand the relationship I have with this patient. SARCASM to the max! So I joked with her for a while, then did exactly what she asked. After I had set her plate down with the new broccoli, she jokingly said, "I'll tell you the parmesan story later." We laughed and I went to pass desert.

Well eventually dessert passing was finished, and the dining room was cleared for the most part. I sat down at her table, not even remembering the parmesan story ( just cause when there is down time in the dining room that is what I always do. She's so much fun to talk to! ). 

The Parmesan Story was soon to follow, and it went a little something like this:

You know how sometimes when you aren't raised on a particular food, no matter how many times you try it, your taste buds just never grow to like it. Well that is how i feel about parmesan (this is her talking remember, cause I LOVE parmesan!!)

Well that got us onto the subject of black olives, because she hates them. 

I love black olives!

Thats when I told her this story. Tiff and Kaesi, you will appreciate this one :)

The Place: Grandma and Grandpa Young's House
The Time: Every single holiday involving a meal
The Story: 

Every Christmas, Thanksgiving, 4th of July and occasionally Labor Day, my mom's whole family gets together at my grandparents house. After the line of hugs you get to the kitchen. In this kitchen there is a counter. And on this counter there is ALWAYS a vegetable tray, without fail. In the center of the vegetable tray, there is always a bowl of oLiVeS. 

Normal family gathering so far right? Well here's the kicker. Out of all the wondrous food to choose from, Kaesi, Tiff and I would always go straight to the olives. Not when everyone was getting their food, but far before dinner was even served. We would eat the whole bowl before grandma could even notice what was happening. Once she did though, the bowl was stashed again :) Come the time dinner was actually served, and the plates were piled with food, there were no olives on any of our plates...

THiS iS Me #1: OLiVeS. I LoVe THeM. BuT i CaN oNLy EaT THeM oN HoLiDayS. LoTS oF THeM. BeFoRe THe MeaL iS SeRVeD. THaT iS iT :) MayBe FouR TiMeS a YeaR.
(don't ask me why, cause I really couldn't tell you. But definitely a quirk!) 

Random I know, but these are the things that somehow come up while I'm working. I love my JoB. and OLiVeS. 



  1. lemme guess...good ole' judith paller?? She cracks me up with her stories. Always has one =) BTW LOVE the font!! How do you do it??

  2. haha that would be her! and I'll totally show you how to do the font in class next week :)