Tuesday, February 1, 2011

UTaH, WHaT a GReaT PLaCe To Be

You could probably walk up to just about anyone who has met me and ask them where I have lived throughout my life. Truth be told it's not a hard answer. Aside from the one year I spent living in St. George, I have spent the rest of my life in Utah Valley.

 I have absolutely loved living here, but I have the biggest travel bug! You know when you search a place on google and all of the magnificent pictures come up? I can't help but want to go there. That idea thrills me like none other!

Chichen Itza, Mexico
One day I hope to make it to all of these places! I think one of the neatest experiences to have would to go work in a third world country as a nurse. Being able to see all of their different cultures and learn the way they do their things day to day would be so incredible!

With that said though, in this last month I have seen things that are just as remarkable. Colors just as bright, scenes just as moving. Things that just make you stop and soak in the moment. The greatest part is though, I didn't even have to go anywhere! 

#1 - HoT SPRiNGS & THe SuNSeT

On Martin Luther King Day, I went Saratoga Springs (which in and of itself is a BeauTiFuL place) with Brennon and his siblings. His friend Terrance lives out there and in his little suburb there is a naturally heated pool that we spent some time at. Picture this, clear blue skies polka-dotted with white clouds, a gorgeous lake to the west and snow covered mountains in the far off distance. Add swimming in water that is as warm as you would want it to be; you have got yourself BLiSS :) 

On our way back we were dropping Terrance off at Costco. We had to be somewhere else quick and since we hadn't eaten yet, we ran in to get a quick pizza. When we came back out to the parking lot , we walked into the most incredible sunsets I have seen in a long time. It wasn't just to the west where you would think it would be, but to the east as well. The eastern mountains looked small from where we were, but above them was the deepest orange that gradually got lighter as it rose in the sky. It was amazing! 

This isn't the actual sunset; I didn't have my camera. The colors were just like that though!

#2 - PRoVo TeMPLe

Up until the last week or so, I have always gone to the Timpanogas Temple just cause it's the temple I went to at through young womens. But since the Provo Temple is so much closer I've started going to that one; whether it be to actually go in or just read scriptures on the grounds. 

One particular night I was there and there was not a single car anywhere near. I don't really know how to explain the temple had that night, but it was absolutely breathtaking. The whiteness of the temple, the glow of the lights. The combination of the two.  Once again, I wish I had brought my camera with me!

#3 - THe SNoW CoVeReD MouNTaiNS

I never realized how much I loved the mountains until the day I took my first trip home after moving to St. George. I just remember driving up the road from the freeway and noticing just how majestic the mountains were. They were huge!!! That was in the summertime. Now it's winter time and the mountains are just as pretty. Only now they are covered in snow :)

Who knows where life will take me, where else I may end up living. No matter what happens, I will always love Utah (even if it is occasionally to cold to handle). It will always be the place I call home.

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