Monday, November 7, 2011


That's what I'm grateful for today.


There is just something about the demeanor of those cute people (the ones with just a few more years on their plate) that you can't help but to love. 

Today during our break at work
Erin and I 
went down to the
BYU Creamery
to get some milk.
(it's a million times cheaper there!)

In front of us at the checkout was the 
He was buying some milk and ice cream.

As the worker was ringing up his stuff he asked
"Now this is the ice cream that helps you to loose weight right?"

Of course she answered
"It most certainly is!"

Knowing she was joking, he went on to ask,
"Now, would you say that works better with cookies?"

"A  guaranteed 25 pounds!"
she replied.

We all had a good laugh and he went on his way.

After we had bought Erin's milk, we ran into him outside. 
He was struggling to maneuver his cart, 
so we asked if we could help.

That quickly turned into more joking, 
and smiles from ear to ear. 

  You know those times where you meet someone and you just want to keep them in your pocket forever?

That is exactly what I wanted to do right there. 

It happens all the time at work. 

Maybe that's part of the reason I love doing what I do. 
I get to be around people like that all the time! 

So hear's to the little old man at the creamery. 
May you always keep those around you smiling :)

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