Sunday, November 6, 2011

MaKe eVeRy DaY THe BeST DaY eVeR

Maybe it's because we've actually hit
Maybe it's because it's really what I needed to hear. 


Up until today I had never ever thought about how a lack of gratitude and fear go hand in hand.  I had always placed them in two completely separate sheets of paper. But in a way, they really do fit. 

I think for most it begins with 
A fear causes us to put up walls. 
A fear that we hide behind because it feels safer. 
But that in turn causes us to feel 
It's easy to feel like you have somehow become broken.
That you can't be fixed because you are stuck behind these walls. 
We can see the opportunities in front of us, but we still choose to let them pass by.
Truth be told, it's easier that way. 
Yet we still 
WiSH We HaD MoRe.
But when that wish isn't fulfilled, usually because we aren't willing to do anything about it,
we suddenly find ourselves with feelings of

The great thing is that once we come to realize that, it becomes so much easier to fix. 

So this is my goal. 

To eaCH DaY WRiTe DoWN oNe THiNG i aM GRaTeFuL For.

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  1. I love your attitude of gratitude!! You are amazingly awesome and very loved!!