Wednesday, November 9, 2011

SiSTeRS :)

ToDaY i aM GRaTeFuL FoR 
My oNe aND oNLy SiSTeR. 

Why, you may ask. Well let me tell you :)

1. Because we were the first two kids in our family, so I'm pretty sure that's grounds for automatic best friends.

2. Because when she learned to tie her shoes before I did, she taught me how. 
3. Because being crazy is something we'll probably never outgrow. 

4. Because we can play DDR for hours. 
5. Because she's even more obsessed with taking pictures than I am.
6. Because she loves the outdoors almost as much as I do. 

7. Because when I need to vent she'll let me.
8. Because she can talk me into doing things I would probably never have done before (aka. eating termites in Belize).
9. Because she also gets a kick out of pranking me.
10. Because even when I act like she's not right, she usually is.
11. Because we both got a heavy dose of the traveling gene!

12. Because she'll always be there,