Friday, May 27, 2011


Let me introduce you to my friend aLeXa.
With her cute little grandma :)

For the last FiVe MoNTHS aLeXa and I have been working at the same place.
It's a party every single day! 
The funny thing is, we knew each other long before that.
We were in the same CHeMiSTRy class FaLL of 'o9
But our teacher put all his lectures online.
So neither one of us ever went to class. 
Pretty much we swapped numbers and forgot about each other. 
TRue SToRy. 

Well now we're sitting in the basement of her grandma's house.
We braved the CRaZy TRaFFiC, 
good ol' UTaH CoNSTRuCTioN
the NePHi BiKeR CLaN
and them PeSKy MoSQuiToeS
all to end up here...

FuNNy SToRy: on the way down, we were following this super duper slow RV pulling a trailer. 
Alexa HATES passing cars when the passing lane is oncoming traffic.
Lets be honest, I do to.
But not as much as Alexa. 
Well then a J.B song came on. 
I skipped it, but Alexa wanted to listen. 
So i told her if she passed the Tortoise Trailer I would put it back on. 
After a few minor freak outs Tortoise Trailer was behind us and J.B. was back on.
Haha. The End.  

FiRST TRiP To DeLTa. eVeR!
We have arrived! 

ps. Tomorrow. DeMoLiTioN DeRBy!


  1. awh come home to me!! but it looks fun, hope you're loving every second :)

  2. Hahaha. I love that you made her pass to get her song back on. So funny!! Hope y'all are having a great time!