Tuesday, November 11, 2008

SpOnTaNeOuS cOulD jUsT bE mY mIdDlE nAmE!

Well since today all I did was work and study for my ever so awesome ArT hIsToRy TeSt (**that was sarcastic for those of you who couldn't tell ;) **), I have officially decided to write about fRiDaY instead!

FrIdAy NoVeMbEr 7, 2o08

I'm not even gonna lie, I feel pretty good about fRiDaY! I got so much done! YaY :) I woke up and immedietely ran the fItTiNg RoOm Key (that I accidentally swiped from wOrK the night before) back to work; then ran to WaLmArT in AF (cause they were the only place that would print my pIcS! It's a LoNg, BoRiNg StOrY), and made it back in time for lUnCh with KrIsTiN and AlEx @ cOsTa ViDa (which is DeLiCiOuS by the way!!) before we all went to our Bc InTeRvIeW. All before 1! 
The only thing we had planned that day was 1)LuNcH before our InTeRvIeW, 2)OuR inTeRvIeW, and 3)Picking up BrAd from the AiRpOrT around mIdNiGhT. That was it. But this is what ended up happening!

1) After our interview we decided to go to StArBuCkS for some HoT cOcOa. It was fReEzInG outside!!!


We were only there for a good hour or so! I guess we are easily entertained by ourselves.. and the other crazy people that go into sTaRbUcKs.. haha 

2) What usually happens when tHrEe GiRlS get together, no boys around?? To the MaLl!

3) Then Alex had to go to her aPt to get ready for a bLiNd DaTe, so we went with her to her place, while mE and KrIsTiN tried to decide what to do. We knew we had to go t o SaLt LaKe to grab BrAd at some point that nIgHt.. and NaTe was up there working for the night.. so wHaT tHe HeCk? Why not hit SaLt LaKe a little early?! We just didn't know what we would do once we got there.. and this is when it gets good!

So we are sitting there in AlEx'S aPt when all of a sudden NaTe calls. We told him we would call when we got up there to come visit him, so why would he be calling now? hmm.. and that is when he tells us that he won some tickets to the JoN mClAuGhLiN cOnCeRt off the RaDiO, and since he had to work he couldn't use them :( Me and KrIsTiN were StOkEd!!! Neither one of us were really familiar with him (I had like two of his songs on my IpOd), but HeCk, it was a FrEe CoNcErT!! Before we knew it, we were headed to SlC!

We just had to figure out how to get the tickets from NaTe, cause we were already running late. He had to go drop a couple of the other tickets off in LeHi, but we wouldn't make it there in time, and he had to get back to work. But that would mean we would have to go all the way to the SaLt PaLaCe and then back to MuRrAy.. what to do..?

That's when the next call came from NaTe. He told us that he had left the tickets with a cAsHiEr at the MaVeRiCk in LeHi. What the rAnDoM?? haha :)

FiNaLlY we were able to get the fReE tickets that NaTe wOn off the rAdIo, from the rAnDoM cAsHiEr, in lItTlE lEhI to the cOnCeRt for a sInGeR we weren't even very familiar with. SpOnTaNeItY at it's best :D

4) The cOnCeRt was AmAzInG! BeNtOn PaUl, the other aRtIsT is always pHeNoMeNaL! I'd seen him before, but had no idea he was playing at this show!  

And JoN mClAuGhLiN.. WoW!! He is AmAzInG!!!  I can't get the video to load, but he is definitely worth watching! ps. one of his songs is in the playlist down at the bottom ;)

        PiCs from the CoNcErT

5) After that, me and KrIsTiN took off to go visit NaTe! We were just goingto say hI and then go to the AiRpOrT, but NaTe just so happened to get off work while we were on our way over, so we were just going to go pick him up and head out! When we got there though, NaTe was nowhere to be found.. and we couldn't get a hold of him... 
We sat in KrIsTiN's car for a little bit, and then decided to go to the other side of the building. While we were parked there, I tried calling NaTe again, but somehow ended up calling my other friend BrEnNoN. **I think i mixed up the SpEeD dIaL** Lets just say I was super confused when he answered! haha. Like 10 seconds after he answered this homeless guy kept telling us to roll down our window.. that thoroughly freaked us out! Two girls.. alone.. in SLC.. after dark.. it was creepy. So I told BrEnNoN, who was bowling with his friends in HaWaIi, to stay on the phone!! (not that he could have done anything anyways.. haha) We were finally able to drive off, and after about ten more minutes we just decided to go in and look for NaTe. Finally we found him and we were off to the AiRpOrT! 

6) First of all you have to understand that when ever me and KrIsTiN are together, we get lost. Every single time! No matter what! So of course we go the wrong way to the airport. We were already late, but luckily NaTe got us turned around and we pulled up right as BrAd came out. PhEw!

7) And then we all decided to go to DeNnY's! Late nights at DeNnY's with fRiEnDs is always crazy! haha. We pulled up and there were 4 cop cars searching some vehicle; we went in anyways. :) They never told us what had happened but our waitress said they have at least one fight there every night! There is always a cop on duty just sitting in their parking lot! Crazy huh?! But we had a lot, a lot of fun!! 

And that there is the end of a FaBuLoUs FrIdAy!

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  1. hahaha. Well, that and the fact that Nate and Brad started talking about childbirth. HAHAHA. oh man, good times.