Monday, November 24, 2008

TaG yOu'rE iT!

Alrighty fOlKs! Here's another one! ChElSeA tagged me, so lets get to it!

8 favorite TV shows:
1- CSI
2- ThE oFfIcE
3- SuRvIvOr
4- The BiGgEsT lOsEr
5-  ER
6- AmAzInG rAcE
7- TrAdInG sPaCeS
8- ExTrEmE mAkEoVeR hOmE eDiTiOn

8 books you’d recommend:
1- The OtHeR sIdE of DaRk
2- TeNnIs ShOeS aMoNg the NePhItEs
3- BoOk of MoRmOn
4- 7 HaBiTs for HiGhLy EfFeCtIvE tEeNs
5- The DiArY of AnNe FrAnK
6- The GiVeR
7- JoUrNaLs
8- do ScRaPbOoKs count? :)

8 things that happened yesterday:
1-I slept in cause I was to sick to go to church :(
2- Watch a movie on Tv about RiTcHiE v something..
3- Had a BbQ bEeF sAnDwIcH my dad made
4- Watched way to many episodes of SuRvIvOr
5- Sat in the warm tUb..
6- Made some ChIcKeN nOoDlE sOuP
7-Took some NyQuIl
8-Sipped some HoT cOCoA

8 things to LOOK FORWARD TO:
2- The end of the SeMeStEr!
3- All my fRiEnDs being home for the HoLiDaYs
4- CiNnAmOn RoAsTeD aLmOnDs :)
5- EfY next sUmMeR
6- Another trip to DiSnEyLaNd
7- The FuTuRe in general!
8-Next SeMeStEr!

8 things on MY WISH list:
1- A nIkOn DiGiTaL cAmErA
2- A pLaNe tIcKeT i could use over and over to aNyWhErE i WaNt
3- WiNtEr ClOtHeS.. I seem to be lacking since moving from sT.gEoRgE
4- To live in an aPt again
5- more get togethers with FaMiLy
6- HaIr DyE! I'm so ready to color again
7- PuRsEs.. PuRsEs and more PuRsEs!
8- More TiMe in the DaY

8 things I LOVE ABOUT Fall:
1- Drives up PrOvO cAnYoN
2- ThE cOlOrS
3- the CoZy FeElInG
4- WaRm DaYs and CoOl NiGhTs
5- HoT cOcOa
6- GeTtInG rEaDy for the HoLiDaYs
7- JuMpInG in LeAveS
8- Spending time with FrIeNdS and FaMiLy

8 people I Tag:
1- MoNiCa BeAdLe
2- TiFfAnY cOrReA
3- JuLiE iVeRsOn
4- KrIsTiN hUmPhReY
5- ErIkA mOuRiTsEn
6- MoRgAn MuLlInEr
7- AmY dAvIs
8- IvY nIeLsEn

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