Thursday, April 14, 2011

APRiL 14.

I have had the absolute hardest time trying to figure out how to blog about this month. 

My last real post: APRiL FooLS DaY

Two weeks later (which I could have sworn was at least two months) and I feel like a hundred million things have happened. Some of them I'll blog about, but some of them are just going to stay right where they are. So for those of you reading, there ya go. Now you've got something to look forward to :) 

But until then, lets just talk about today.

THiNGS i LoVe aBouT ToDaY

Sitting in my car before class, windows cracked, breeze blowing through, tunes playing, sun shining and writing this post. All at the same time :) 


walking out the door of my physiology lab feeling great about how i did on the final, knowing i rocked the class and also knowing i'll never have to do it again!

going to Human Development cause I have to for attendance, but knowing that I don't have to take the final or write the last two papers because of all the extra credit my teacher offered!

I signed up to be a volunteer for an organization that is trying to help stop child sex trafficking, and I'm super excited! They through an awesome concert last year, which I'll also have to post about. Check out the organization here.

DiD i MeNTioN THe SuN iS SHiNiNG?? :)



You see, on my way into my Physiology Lab Final, I noticed a tent out on campus with all these Hawaiians cooking food. It looked so good and I wanted some. It looked like they were selling it, but there were only ten minutes left before my final started. I would have to wait. 

Well fast forward and hour and I'm walking by the same tent, only this time I can actually smell it. DeLiSH, HeaVeNLY, you pick the word, and thats what it was. Only now it didn't look like it was for sell. DaRN! 

That gets me thinking, there is this little hawaiian restaurant right by my place and I have been dying to try it for the longest time! Except for I didn't want to go by myself. So I called T.MaN (pictured above) to see if he wanted to come. Well hawaiian doesn't excite him to much (gender, age and the fact that he doesn't like hawaiian may be the only three things that set us apart). Boo for him. So i tell him I'll go to Cafe Rio instead. Well that sold him. We were Rio bound! 

We stuffed our faces, talked about how exciting his Spring Break had been and about the fact that our dear sister has already forgotten us. Yes Kaesi, thats you :P Anyways, it was great, we were full, and mom enjoyed the leftovers. 



  1. That cafe rio salad looks delicious! My sister had one for dinner today... You guys are making me jealous! I might have to get one this weekend.

  2. Thanks for letting me share in your joy (by eating the rest of your Cafe Rio)!! Ahhh...the sun!! Bring it!!!!!!! You're a woman after my own heart in so many ways!!!!!