Monday, April 18, 2011


CHaNGe #1: Bye Bye NiNTH WaRD. Because of the changes that are happening with the Singles Wards all over Utah, I have to start going to a different ward. Leaving has been something I haven't looked forward to at all.  The bishopric in this ward has made me feel so loved. They have a way of letting you know they care that I have never had with a bishopric before, and that relationship is something I will cherish for the rest of my life. They made sure I was welcomed and involved in the ward the day I got there. They have helped me through experiences that no one else could help with. I know my new ward will be ok, but I still hate to say goodbye :(

CHaNGe #2 and 3:  these two experiences have had the most influence on me lately. They have helped me to realize just how grateful I am for certain people in my life, and  how much the gospel really does mean to me. They have been the hardest to get through, but have also brought the most reward. Unfortunately i  can't really talk about them right now. 

CHaNGe #4: DeaR KaeSi DeCiDeD To MoVe To CaLiFoRNia.. Once upon a time my little sister was actually littler than me. Now she's got a good couple inches on me! I've accepted my fate, that one day -probably soon- I will be the shortest one in my immediate family. Until my mom starts shrinking ;)

See, I was taller at one point :)

For the next year Kaesi's going to work as a Nanny out in California. Minutes from the beach and sand volleyball league? You best believe I'll be visiting! I may be a little bitter that she left me, but I think a little CaLiFoRNia VaCa will make things better :) 

CHaNGe #5: I decided that instead of going into uLTRaSouND, I just want to stick with NuRSiNG. 

I can remember when I was just youngster playing house with my siblings, the CaZieRS and JaSoN. My Character: The mom who doubled as a NuRSe. Every single time! In the third grade we had to pick a famous person to do a report on, and then sew a picture of them onto a piece of burlap. I chose FLoReNCe NiGHTeNGaLE; a nurse during the Crimean War and founder of the very first Nursing School. Third grade people :) As life went on I caught an episode of ER and that was that. I wanted nothing more than to be an ER Nurse! 

My senior year in high school I got my CNA and worked with it for 4 and a half months before I decided I couldn't handle this for the rest of my life. My first job was in the Alzheimer's Unit at Courtyard at Jamestown Assisted Living; and I absolutely LoVeD it!!! But then I moved to St. George for college at Dixie State. I got a job down there (I won't say where), but that was what made me change my mind. You could tell that the people working there were only doing it because on the paycheck. No one liked their job and it showed. The environment was just sad; for the the patients, the staff everyone. That was not who I wanted to be. 

Majors changed, schools changed, jobs changed. In the back of my mind I always loved health care, I just didn't want to be the person I saw in my coworkers for the rest of my life. But then I found friends who showed me a whole other side of health care. It helped me to realize that the medical field was something I could enjoy :) 

I decided I wanted to get my RN and then go on to do uLTRaSouND after. That way I would have something to fall back on if I wasn't able to go all the way to Ultrasound. Well one day, a man came into the place I work now; he was going to do an ultrasound on one of our patients. After talking to him about it I realized doing both might not be the best option. I was still thinking about doing it, but I wasn't 100% sure. 

Well in the last couple weeks all the changes I've mentioned so far really caused me to re-evaluate my life; to figure out what I want my life to be. I thought about changing majors again and doing Surgical Tech, but thats when I realized I've wanted to be a Nurse for as long as I an remember. A nurse, in the ER. That is my dream job, so that is what I am going to do :) 

Well folks, thats some of whats been going on so far. If I think of more I'll add them, but there are 100 other things I'm really kind of excited to write about! So it's on to bigger better things!

I do want to say that I am extremely grateful for the experiences I have been through recently, and I know they have brought blessings into my life. I am super excited for Kaesi, and to be going into Nursing once again :) The new ward will take some work to adjust to, but it will be good too.    

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  1. Thanks for sharing! Keep your head up kiddo (that way you won't walk into any walls!! HaHa!) You're doing awesome and... We love ya!! By the way, that photo of you and Kaesi has always been one of my favorites!!!!