Tuesday, April 19, 2011

WouLD You LiKe YouR eGGS SCRaMBLeD or FRieD?

So I have a funny story :) 

The date was APRiL 16, 2011; it was a FRiDaY night. 

Ok, technically it was the 17th and it was a really early SaTuRDaY morning. 
2 aM to be exact.

I had just spent the night being chased by a cult and hiding for my life in a closet.
(That's another story for another time)
Now it was time to go home!
BReN had come back with me cause his car was parked at my apt. 

Sadly, his car wasn't exactly to keen with the idea of starting when we had tried to leave 5 hours earlier.
Mine was up for an adventure so we took him instead :) 

We had hoped BReN's car would just start when we came back later. 
But it didn't.
So we put my parking pass in his car and I took him back to CaLeBs' house. 

Well along the way we took a wrong turn; just one street to early.
We tried turning down the street we thought CaLeBS' house was on, but then we realized that wasn't going to get us there. 
This street we had turned onto also happened to be a CuL De SaC.
So I just flipped around, ready to leave.

That's when I saw the police car.
He was driving into the street that we were just about to drive out of. 
Maybe he was just going home?
That's when he turned around and switched his lights on. Darn.

Surprisingly I wasn't nervous at all. 
I didn't think I was speeding. 
I hadn't done anything illegal, that I knew of...
Maybe I was just to tired to care, haha. 

Well, Mr. Cop came up to my window and asked for my license. 
About that... What if it was sitting at home?
Luckily the nice officer just looked it up. 

Both of us were pretty curious as to why I had been pulled over.
That's when he asked us if we had been eGGiNG any cars, haha really?

No officer, we don't have any of these :) 

Apparently the car I drive is the same car as the HoMe eGGiNG SuSPeCT.

Now go back, read the 5th line, add this story on top of it, and it makes for a very interesting night. 

I laughed, Bren laughed.

I look back on the night and laugh again :)

For the first time in my WHoLe LiFE, I was pulled over and didn't get a ticket! 
HaPPy DaY! 

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  1. hhaha silly Britt. Just come clean already, I hate when you egg my car!!