Monday, April 25, 2011

22 oR 111. EiTHeR WaY iTS a PaLiNDRoMe:)

Have no fear, the post that is supposed to follow the post below is still coming! It's just taking a little longer than I thought. But in the meantime....

THiS WeeK has been a WeeK oF CeLeBRaTioN :) 

Although my time probably would have been much better spent studying all day every day, that definitely wasn't going to happen! *don't worry I did get a couple rounds of it in* You see APRiL 20 is the day yours truly bounced into this happy valley. BoRN N' RaiSeD FoLKS!

WeDNeSDaY. That was my actual birthday :) The morning was super chill. Just the way I like it. No work; just me, a pan a french toast, milk and my PJs. 

Later that night BReNNoN ditched out on all his studies, climbed up onto my balcony and we ran off to dinner :) Anyone who knows me could guess where we went haha. TeXaS! I really did try to think of other places to go but I came up with nothin.  We had the world's smallest table, but the world's nicest waitress! Who sucessfully spooked Brennon at least three times :)  If you haven't been to Texas Roadhouse, Go! And make sure you get brown sugar with your rolls! Trust me you won't be disappointed! If you have been though, and have been on your birthday, you know that along with the Yee-HaWS and FRee iCe CReaM comes the RiDiNG oF a SaDDLe and the entire restaurants eyes fixed on you. It was then that I learned I was turning 111. I guess I must age rather well :)  

Afterwards we went and visited my family for a little bit and then we ran over to the CLyDe to get our study on. Yeah I know, studying on your birthday = lame; but I don't really care. It was either that or sit at home by my lonesome. My family was in bed, and Bren needed to study for his last final. So I opted for the studying which actually turned out pretty humorous :)


FRiDaY. It was back to work.  But afterwards my parents and I took a little trip to BeST BuY where I got this dashing piece of machinery!

My NeW CaMeRa, THaT i LoVe. See :)
Let me tell you about my history with cameras. I always tease Brennon that I go through cameras like he goes through phones. I think I got the raw end of that deal. I used to have this exact same camera and it literally vanished out of thin air. I swear it walked out of my room. Who really knows. But now I have a camera! Perfect time for a rockin' summer!

SuNDaY. This was the family celebration :) MoM. DaD. TaYLoR. TaNNeR. GMa. GPa. Everyone minus KaeSi. But she did give me a shout out on her blog so it's ok. We had a little EaSTeR DiNNeR at my parents, along with some CHoCoLaTe TRiFLe :D For a photo and link to the recipe click here! But seriously, you'll want to check this  one out! We opened the rest of my presents and had a jolly good time! 

THaNK You DeaR FaM!

and THaNK You to all the people who wished me a HaPPy BiRTHDaY!

I must admit that I didn't think many people would remember since I deleted my facebook. But i was proved wrong :) Some people I knew would remember, but there were a handful of you who surprised me! Thanks a million everyone :D 

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  1. Congratulations on your half my age birthday!! Thanks for playing with us this week...We loved it!!