Monday, September 26, 2011

NeW, NeW, NeW. YeS PLeaSe!

So along with my 
which is ADORABLE if I dare say so myself,
(don't worry, there are pics to come)
 come a couple other new things.

NeW RooMaTeS.
SuZY and MaCY. 
They are so so great!
But seriously, 
I couldn't have asked for better roomates. 

Right now we are sitting in our living room watching 
and eating oTTeR PoPS

It's ok to be jealous :)

also come a
I wasn't able to attend the actual ward yesterday
because I was over at my home ward.
My Dad is the new 1st Councilor in the Bishopric and I'm so excited for him :)

But last night MaCy, BRee and I went over to 
where we met a few new people.

Literally minutes after we got home 
the Executive Secretary came over 
and helped me get my records transferred!
Talk about efficiency, I hadn't even been to the ward yet!

Then tonight SuZY, DoM and I went over to FHE.
I accidentally left my phone at CaMDRea's.
I was over there earlier for his BiRTHDaY PaRTY.
So when SuZy and DoM weren't home yet, 
I went over all on my own! 
(if you don't know me, that's kind of a big deal. I don't ever go to places like that on my own)

The two people that were there before I was were so nice! 
After everyone else got there, we packed up the cars a headed up to 

Then we found out you aren't supposed to have fires up there. 
So we came back and had one on the back patio instead :)
It was such a blast! 
Turns out my FHE dad worked EFY with me two years ago!
and so did another girl MeLiSSa, 
who I actually recognized from my DiXie DaYS

I'm so excited for this new ward! 
My FHE family rocks! 
and everyone is so nice! 

HooRaY for NeW BeGiNNiNGS!



  1. That's what I love to hear!!!! It's gonna be exciting!!!!!!!!!

  2. haha i'm guessing that was from you mom. i must have forgot to log out when i was home :)