Sunday, September 11, 2011

SePTeMBeR 11th. 2001

I had only been in junior high for a couple of weeks now. But my love of change had made a transition like that easy, and even exciting for me. I must have stopped by my locker before making my way to the second floor. That's where my first class was. The room I was headed to faced south, and as I approached the door, I could tell that the blinds were up letting the morning sunlight in. It had been a little brisk that morning, but that could be expected for a September morning. Before walking through the door, for all I knew it was just going to be another school day

Entering my 7th grade English class I could tell something wasn't right. The TV on the front, right side of the room was on. Ms. Sluder and all of the other students in the room were watching intently. Usually everyone was talking, finishing homework, or laughing at the mornings mishaps before class started. But this time there were only whispers or concern. Something was seriously wrong.

As we watched, a country learned that both of the World Trade Centers had been hit by planes; hijaked. In the minutes before class was to start, the Pentagon was hit too. What was going on? It seemed as if the whole country was frantically trying to figure out that same question.

I don't remember much about school that day, only that people were worried. Was it a coincidence that it was September 11th? 9-1-1. We were definitely in a state of emergency. Many other speculations were talked about. Nobody really knew what to do. 

When I got home I remember walking down into my basement with one of my best friends, JaSoN, a little girl I always babysat, JaDyN, and my little brother TaNNeR. As we flipped through the channels it was clear that there weren't going to be any cartoons that day. Every station was broadcasting the news. 

We didn't want to spend the day worrying, although it was always in the back of or minds. And besides the two younger ones didn't even know what was going on. To them it really was just another day. 

So Jason and I did our best to keep it that way. What we spent the rest of the day doing, I don't really remember. I know we took a lot of pictures. We spent a lot of time outside. But the specifics of that day, I really don't know. 

But what's crazy to me is that all of that happened ten whole years ago. It really feels like just yesterday. 

It breaks my heart to think about all the lives that were lost that day. The hundreds of thousands of people who never thought they were saying their last goodbyes. The children who would grow up now knowing their mother or father. 

To all the people who risked their lives to save those in need of help, we are forever indebted

On a day full of so much heartbreak, A COUNTRY CAME TOGEHTER 

It truly was a day we will 


  1. I was in that class, too.
    I didn't realize we had that class together.

    It was a sad day.

  2. were you really? I had no idea! it still feels like it was just yesterday. it's so crazy.