Tuesday, September 20, 2011

THiS iS Me #3 & 4

ToDaY = Me+SiCK

I started feeling it yesterday afternoon; but it wasn't to bad. 
So what did I do this morning?
I woke up and did what I was planning on doing.

1) I jumped in the shower
2) I finished the last of my EMT Workbook Chapter
3) I moved a few things into my new apartment :) 
(Carrying boxes up two flights of stairs doesn't quite equal REST)
I'm pretty sure thats what did me in. 

I did make it to SaMMyS with CaM, CaNDaCe, RaCHeL and Cam's pest control buddy, CaSeY. 

I left there with every intention of going to class, but by the time it rolled around I knew that was definitely NOT going to happen. 

SO, I spent HOURS watching this instead! 

THiS iS Me #3: BoNeS

Although I did LoVe my aNaToMY class, that's not the bones I am talking about.

CoNFeSSioN: I'm seriously, I'm aDDiCTeD!

Seasons 1-4: OWN :)
Season 5-6: WiLL OWN
Season 7: STOKED FOR!!!

THiS iS Me #4: oRGaNiZeD
I'm a tad bit of a perfectionist when it comes to having things organized. 

My DVD's are in alphabetical order. 
My books are in order, tallest to shortest.
My closet, color coordinated. 

It's all true.

So what did I buy today?

I'll never forget anything! Hopefully...haha

and to finish the day off, 

I've got a date with Tylenol Cold PM 




  1. Brittany. Seriously. I knew we were coco's for life, but this is just crazy. This was pretty much my day yesterday... minus the moving, and Sammy's, and missing class. I was sick, I am pretty much in love with Bones, and I totally watched The Princess Diaries. This is why we need to live closer. We could have been sick buddies.

  2. Brittany I hope you get feeling better! Also I can't believe I didn't know about this love relationship you have with bones! I am totally obsessed. I have watched almost every single episode I love it so much. Anyways what I am getting at is that we truly are connected at the hip and I miss you and I think we are definitely over due for a get together.

  3. KRiSTiN: I stinkin love you!! We were seriously meant to be CoCo's for life! I know you would have come to sammys and moved with me to if you could have :)

    EM: You love bones too?!??! That totally just made my day!! Did the end of last season totally kill you?? I'm so excited!! We definitely need to get together! You're gonna be a mommy oh so soon :D