Monday, September 5, 2011

LaBoRiN' LaBoR DaY

LaBoR DaY: a United States federal holiday observed on the first Monday in September that celebrates the economic and social contribution of workers. At least according to wikipedia.

So naturally, in honor of Labor Day, I found it most appropriate go into work and do some manual labor myself!  Truth be told, everyone else just asked for it off, leaving JyNeLLe, RaCHieL and I on the floor. But did we care? Nope! Why not you may wonder. Because a) LABOR DAY = PAY AND A HALF; b) the three of us have way to much fun; and c) FReD bought us DoMiNoS. Yep, working holidays for sure has it's perks! And working mornings, it doesn't really matter cause I still have the rest of the day to play! 

As soon as work was over, I ran home, met up with KaeSi and TaNNeR, and we drove on down to CaM & aNDRea's.

TaNNeR has hit the "TaYLoR STaGE"
aka he hates it when you take pictures of him.

Notice how closely random gold car parked to Kaesi.
Keeping in mind that yes, Kaesi had another car in front of her,
and that you could have fit another car and 4 scooters behind Goldy.

 LaBoR DaY also = PICNICS!

We didn't have a whole lot of time (Super 8 started an hour later) so we figured Subway was a good, quick option. Kaesi and I weren't even hungry so we opted for FRoZeN YoGuRT instead :) 

Then we wandered on over to the park, full of people, where Cam, Andrea and Tanner ate. I took their vitals for my EMT class, and Kaesi snapped photos. 


Ok, now keep reading :)

Kaesi didn't want to go, but after the picnic the rest of us wandered on over to the dollar movies to see this good lookin' flick. 

We were running a little late, but that's what previews are for. What we weren't prepared for it to be sold out :( The Super 8 was with us and everything. Oh well, that'll just be another adventure for another day. 

But now we had time to kill before the 
BBQ @ G&G's.

We all went our separate ways and I decided to do something I had been meaning to do forever! As much and I love my computer, it was just running way to slow. 

It was time to upgrade the RAM.

Shout out to MacTraders, first for being open on Labor Day; and second for saving me tons 'o' money!

Simply Mac: $200-$300
MacTraders: $75

Totally made my day!

Then it was time for the BBQ :) 

EVERYONE minus CaNDaCe was there. 

Burgers, Dogs, Chips, Corn, Olives, and Jello. 

That's the way we do BBQ's.

And thats the way my family does LaBoR DaY :)