Thursday, March 8, 2012


I've been terrible at this. 
(I know, and that's why I owned up to it in the last post.)

But for once I'm not..
a) WoRKiNG
b) iN CLaSS
c) FRaNTiCaLLy TRYiNG to FiNiSH uP PReP for an aCTiViTY WiTH MY eLDeR FRieNDS. 
There are about 1,000 things I should be doing for each of those, I thought it was about time to post :)

So last night 
ELiZa, aLeXa, MaTT, KaeSi & I
were sitting in the living room watching one of Alexa's favorite movies. 

 BaCK SToRY: Once upon a time (2005 to be exact) my parents went on a cruise. I was sixteen and in charge of babysitting my my sibs for the week. KaeSi = 14. TaYLoR = 12. TaNNeR = 6. Being the good sister and babysitter I was, we decided to go rent a movie. It was already dark outside, so naturally we chose The Ring. The four of us sat up on my parents bed watching it. Parents in another country + First time seeing this gem = INTeNSe aMouNTS oF FeaR. I'm pretty sure it's these moments that always made me wish I'd had an older brother.. Anyways, as soon as it was over, we drove right back over to Hollywood Video and rented The Ring 2. Yeah, we were kinda stupid. But it's ok because so is The Ring 2. The moral of the story is, the first time I watched it, I was completely freaked out. 
 I've probably seen this movie like 25 times now.
It was one of the few I had on my iPod when I was younger. 
 So watching it last night went a little something like this...

Kaesi and Matt: Quiet, just having a good ol' time. 
Alexa: May or may not have jumped a few feet at several points during the movie.
(keep in mind the previous story, and the fact that she had only seen it one other time)
Eliza: Played the comforter/joker. 
Me: I literally had to hold myself back from laughing during most of the movie.
(those of you who have seen it a few times can't tell me it's not super funny after a while!) 

Anyways, there is a completely different point to this post. 
I only tell that story because while I was sitting in my
$15 PaPaSaN CHaiR 
watching the gem,
I got a phone call from my friend
RYaN O. 
So of course I went upstairs to answer it.

Ryan + My Participant Audrin
(who went by "SHoRTY" for a lot longer than just that week)

Two SuMMeRS ago
I randomly ended up working EFY for TWo WeeKS.
The first week I was a HeaLTH CouNSeLoR on Ryan's team. 
The second week I was a CouNSeLoR for the same team. 
We never really talked after, but we were Facebook friends
(aka his posts would show up on my feed every once in a while)

Well back in 
I was skimming through my feed and came across this post. 

I had always wanted to go on a 
HuMaNiTaRiaN TRiP 
and the price seemed totally reasonable! 

Before I knew it, everything was falling into place!

JaN. 10: My PaPeRWoRK was in :)
JaN. 21: a few of us met together for a quick meeting, and I put down my $100 deposit.
JaN. 28: Passport Papers are in.  
FeB. 14: My PaSSPoRT CaME!
MaR. 1: I met up with CoLe (who, coincidentally, I also met doing EFY back in 2008) to give him the rest of the plane ticket money.

Then there is last night. 
LaST NiGHT when Ryan called, 
he wanted to make sure the name they had for me was 
100% correct.  
He and Cole were buying the airline tickets as we spoke :D

So that my friends means that this is 
FoR SuRe, 

I'll do another post pretty soon about what we'll actually be doing there :)
For now, just know that 
I am absolutely ecstatic 
to have the opportunity to do this!  

are they not the most adorable little people ever?

Being able to serve these people, I know, will be an experience I will never forget.

to the people that have donated money to help me get here
Thank you so much! 
Your willingness to help me accomplish this has been such a 

I haven't sent them out yet, 
but THaNK YoU cards are coming :) 



  1. It's official!! Yeah for you and your buddies!!!! Love ya kiddo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. thanks for putting me and matt in our own category. haha