Sunday, February 6, 2011

LaTeR LiFe iDea NuMBeR 2

I've decided that this is why I was called to ACTiViTieS CoMMiTTee! 

My uncle gave me the greatest idea! His ward did this activity during his days at BYU, and trust me once you hear about it you'll have a hard time staying in your seat.

WHaT THey DiD: 

1) the ward held an activity to initiate the beginning of the week long event.

2) at the activity everyone was told to get a water gun, and were then given a piece of paper. On the paper was the name of another ward member. The person on the paper was the person you were supposed to find and hose down with your water gun. (Keep in mind that this activity went on for a whole week. You could find your person at any location and squirt them. School. The Grocery Store. Their Apartment. You name it.)

3) once you got your person, they then had to give you their piece of paper, giving you a new target. 

4) Last man standing wins! 

Thoughts, comments, concerns. What do you think? 

Call me crazy but I think it sounds like a blast!


  1. I think that sounds super fun! If I were in your ward, I would totally do it!

  2. This is especially a great activity in the winter I'm sure:)

  3. I think this would be a blast!! but once your squirted your out of the game?

  4. yeah once you're squirted you're out. but then you're that much more leery around every turn :)