Friday, February 4, 2011

LaTeR LiFe iDea NuMeRo 1

You know the days where you see something that someone else is doing, and you think to yourself "I so want to do that!". But they are the kinds of things you wouldn't be able to do 'til a different stage in life. Well I am really good at thinking that and then completely forgetting about them later. So I'm decided another thing I'm gonna do on this here blog is write them down. GeNiuS!

LaTeR LiFe iDea #1: BooKs

So today, at work once again, I went in to my dear patients' room to get her for breakfast. When I walked in I realized that she had a open package sitting on her table filled with the book SToNe SouP. I hadn't read that book in years! Seeing that book definitely took me back to my early elementary school days!

I couldn't figure out for the life of me why she had so many copies. So I said "insert patient name, ya like 'Stone Soup' much?" She laughed and then went on to tell me why she had so many. 

Every year for Christmas, she gives her kids a book. Not just any old book though. She gets them all the same book. One that not only she read to them as children, but one that her mother also read to her. 

How neat would that be? I would be lying if I said I didn't have an incredible childhood, and whenever I think about how I want to raise my family that is what I look back on. So for me, books like the ones I grew up on is something I would love to have. The stories and the morals included in them are completely different than whats out there now. That's what I want to do :) 

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