Sunday, February 6, 2011

THiS iS Me #2


Can't say I've ever done this, but I'm not saying I would never try it :)
What are we, five weeks into the year? Thirty-seven days to be exact. I have been in the hot tub at least TeN times this year. Be it fall, winter, summer or spring. Ten in the morning or ten at night. Empty or full, it doesn't matter. I LoVe THeM!!!

Every time we go on vacation, the first thing my family tends to do (granted it's not closed already) is take a dip in the hot tub. Aside from eating and sleeping, it's probably the only thing we'd do everyday of our trip. 

ToP TeN ReaSoNS i LoVe THe HoT TuB

10. It's one of a few things that almost everyone loves to do. Makes it easy when you're short on ideas.

9. Lots of reminiscing happens in the hot tub. 

8. That is where Tanner has got most of his college experience. Don't worry he's only twelve.

7. Aside from a good massage, it's the best way to relax after a long day.

6. It sounds real funny when a person asks you how you met another person and you respond, "Oh yeah, we met in the hot tub!"

5. When the hot tub is to hot cause you've been in to long, so you get huge ice chunks and put them in the tub. That there is a cool feeling.

4. Sitting in the hot tub and eating popsicles, ice, ice cream etc. 

3. Dunking your head under water even though you're not supposed to; then having your hair freeze. 

2. Being so cold, jumping into the hot tub, and having your toes tingle.

1. Sitting in the hot tub while it's snowing outside. aMaZiNG!

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