Sunday, February 27, 2011

WeeK iN ReVieW. NuM.46

SuN. FeB 27. 

This here is my kid brother, Tanner. My college student in training, partner in crime, "T. Man" Yep this is him. I'll give him a better spotlight later, but a brief intro was necessary before I went on.

Sunday I was sitting at home and decided that instead of going to my singles ward, that I was just going to go to my parents ward. I love going back there to visit! The people, incredible. The feeling of just being in a regular family ward again, so relaxing.

Well when I walked in the front door, T. Man was sitting in the living room, church clothes on, ready to go. I thought he was joking when he asked if I had come to see him give his first youth speaker talk in sacrament meeting. You see I come from an extremely sarcastic family, so you never know who to believe.  After asking everyone in my family if he was really speaking I decided to believe them :)

Talk about lucky! I was scheduled to work that morning, but had gotten my schedule all switched around earlier in the week to go to my friend Lyndi's Homecoming. I ended up working that morning, having 8 hours off, and then going back in that night (ps. Thank you Megs!). T. Man's talk fell right in the break, and he did such a good job! All I can say is I am so grateful for the things that just fall into place, and for such a great brother! Seriously. He is the best :)

FRi. FeB 29. 

Have you ever realized how sometimes it's the really busy days that turn out to be the best? Friday was one of those days :)

It started off with another morning at work; nothing to out of the ordinary. Well after that I rushed home, said a quick hello to my roomate Jodie and her boyfriend Will, picked up some nicer clothes and my makeup, then ran right back out the door. I had to be at Shaney's apartment to help her roomate Britney take a whole bunch of wedding decorations up to Noah's out in Lindon. I had never been there before, and honestly the building never looked all that appealing to me, but the inside was way cool (and totally versatile). Brit and I made a quick run out to the brides house to pick up the rest of the decorations, and then I had to take off. 

ABA :)
I may be shot for posting this picture, but I kinda sorta love it :) Let me introduce you to two of my favorite people, Amy (middle) and Ashley (left). This last summer the three of us were roomates at King Henry. They have both worked at the same dental office for the last couple years, so they knew each other before we in.  But I moved in blind. In fact I didn't have any roomates for about a week (but that's another story). Lucky for us it worked out just perfectly! We've been great friends ever since :) 

Well earlier in the week Amy, Ash and I decided that it had been far to long since we'd seen each other. With school, work, vacations and just life in general, it was hard for us to find time to get together. So we planned what we like to call "an ABA dinner". After Brit and I were done at Corrine's (the brides) house, I drove up to Sandy and met up with these two girlies at Chili's. It was so great! 

Things didn't slow down much after that though. The next part of friday is going to take another introduction.  This here is one of my best friends from my days in St. George. Dave Kreitzer. Dave is great! I met him through his brother James my second semester down at Dixie. I owe so much of who I am now to these two. They showed me what life could be like and helped me to become such a stronger person. 

Well Friday was also the day Dave got married (to an aMaZiNG girl I might add). I've never been much of a reception person, but this was one I couldn't miss. 
So after dinner with Ashley and I drove up to Salt Lake to the reception. We looked for parking for a bit and finally found a spot, only to realize as we were walking up to the McCune Mansion that they had complementary valet parking.. haha, oh well. For those of you who haven't seen this place, GO! Seriously. Everything was gorgeous! Ash and I spent a good 20 minutes just walking through this mansion. Upstairs we found this huge room with mirrors all around and then in the very corner, the room had a small circular room attached, windows on all the sides. So we opened the blinds to one of them, and it had on of the most amazing views of Salt Lake I have ever seen. The whole thing, the view, the house, the environment, everything, was just breathtaking. But the absolute best part of all was getting to see two of my greatest friends again :) Two years without seeing people that close to you just shouldn't be allowed. 

After we left the reception, I went back down to Lindon to help take down decorations at Corrine's reception.  Once my car was full there wasn't a whole lot left I could do. So I headed back to my apartment to pick up my swimming suit and meet up with Brennon. Ash had come down to Provo as well, so Bren and I met up with her, Kyle and his roomate Jandro to go hot tubbing (for those of your who missed my love of hot tubbing click here) :) It was just what I needed after a busy day. 

Well in the midst of all that Brennon and I decided that we wanted to build hot air balloons! Sounds fun, right? There were only a couple of problems. 1) we didn't have the supplies for it and 2) all the craft/hobby stores were closed. Despite Brennons' hate for Walmart, we decided to give it a try. After all, if any 24 hour store would have the supplies it would be them. But they didn't :( It wasn't a complete fail though; I walked out with another $5 DVD special and Brennon got a little Christmas shopping for his mom done nice and early.

With hot air balloons waiting for another day, we decided on homemade popcorn and a little "Bill and Ted's" instead. A great way to end a great day :) 

TeXaS RoaDHouSe with Sarah and Erin
Hot Tubbing turns into Kaesi and Shaney sitting in Shaney's bathtub in their swimming suits
FREE PaNCaKeS @ iHoP with Kaesi, Shaney and Rhett
PLaiD FLaNNeL SHiRTS from the DI = HoMeMaDe CoRNBReaD and CHiLi
CaKe BiTeS, first attempt :) 
Mi Ranchito with my parents and Tanner for his good work in Oliver
Guiding Kaesi from Rupert, ID back to I-15 so she could get to Rexburg.  It must run in the fam :)

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